Bracegirdle, William

William Bracegirdle, Private 73260, The King’s (Liverpool Regiment) Transf. to (48695) Labour Corps Died of T.B. 30th January 1920 in Macclesfield Infirmary, aged 43 … Continue reading

Slack, Edwin

Edwin Slack, Private 621783, Labour Corps, formerly 1452 Cheshire Regt Died of disease 11th December 1919 in Macclesfield Infirmary, aged 29 … Continue reading

Ball, David

David Ball, Private 267372/267382, 537th Home Service Labour Company Formerly Private 2048, 7th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment Died of illness 16th June 1919 in Macclesfield, aged 47 … Continue reading

Dawson, Albert

Albert Dawson, Rifleman 230081, 1st Bn. Monmouthshire Regiment transf. to (463592) 233rd Coy. Labour Corps Died of pneumonia 8th March 1919 in Macclesfield, aged 42 … Continue reading

Bingham, Harold

Harold Bingham, Private 2021, 7th Bn. Cheshire Regiment (Later transferred to 245288 648th Agricultural Coy. Labour Corps) Died 6th November 1918 in Cheltenham, aged 31 … Continue reading

Rowson, Frederick

Frederick Rowson, Private 44200, 74th Coy Labour Corps, formerly 64370, The King’s (Liverpool Regiment) 9th Inf. Labour Coy Died of pneumonia 30th December 1917 in hospital in Belgium, aged 42 … Continue reading

Heath, Bertie

Bertie Heath, Private 202287, 9th Battn, Labour Coy, The King’s (Liverpool Regiment) Died of wounds 25th October 1917 in Belgium, aged 28 … Continue reading