Clegg, James

James Clegg, Private 39272, 8th Royal Welsh Fusiliers Died of heatstroke 16th July 1917 in Mesopotamia (Iraq), aged 35 … Continue reading

Worrall, John H.

John Henry Worrall, Private 13644, 6th Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment Accidentally drowned 14th July 1917 in Mesopotamia (now Iraq), aged 21 … Continue reading

Wood, George

George Wood, Private 33190, 8th (formerly 3rd) Battalion, Cheshire Regiment Died while a POW 29th June 1917 in Iraq, aged 20 … Continue reading

Belfield, Harold

Harold Belfield, Private 37496, 134th Coy Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) Died of wounds 11th April 1917 in Mesopotamia (Iraq), aged 18 … Continue reading

Gee, Thomas

Thomas Gee, Gunner L/3434, “B” Bty. 66th Bde, Royal Field Artillery Died 27th June 1916 in Mesopotamia (Iraq), aged 38 … Continue reading

Nisbett, James

James Nisbett, Private 1252, 1st Battalion, Manchester Regiment Died of enteric fever 30th April 1916 in Mesopotamia (Iraq), aged 25 … Continue reading

Slack, Thomas

Thomas Slack, Private 11179, 8th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment Killed in action 17th April 1916 in Mesopotamia (Iraq), aged 29 … Continue reading

Bailey, James

James Bailey, Sergeant 11039, 8th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment Killed in action 13th April 1916 in Mesopotamia (Iraq), aged 39 … Continue reading

Mason, John

John Charles Mason, Private 10514, 8th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment Killed in action 9th April 1916 in Mesopotamia (Iraq), aged 35 … Continue reading