Malkin, Percy

Percy Malkin, Bombardier 24419, 3rd Div. Ammunition Col. Australian Field Artillery Died of influenza 22nd July 1919 in Caulfield, Melbourne, Australia, aged 29 … Continue reading

Hewitt, The Rev. Sydney R, O.B.E.

The Rev. Sydney Rangeley Hewitt, O.B.E., Chaplain 4th Class, Army Chaplains’ Department attd. 6th Field Amb. Royal Army Medical Corps Died of influenza and pneumonia 16th February 1919 in Germany, aged 27 … Continue reading

Hall, William

William Hall, Lance Corporal 290681, 4th (Res.) Bn. Cheshire Regiment transf. to 267406 202nd Area Employment Coy. Labour Corps Died of pneumonia 9th February 1919 in France, aged 25 … Continue reading

Ryley Hulme, Edward

Edward Ryley Hulme, Private 316815, 23rd Bn. Royal Welsh Fusiliers Transf. to (477719) 753rd Area Employment Coy. Labour Corps Died of appendicitis 28th December 1918 in France, aged 26 … Continue reading

Ryder, William

William Ryder, Private TR4/80369, 53rd Bn. Welsh Regiment Died of pneumonia 12th November 1918 at Kinmel Park Military Hospital, North Wales, aged 18 … Continue reading

Ashness, Fred

Fred Ashness, Private TR/4/79924, 53rd Bn. Welsh Regiment Died of influenza 13th October 1918 at Kinmel Park, North Wales, aged 18 … Continue reading

Makin, Frank

Frank Makin, Lance-Corporal 46228, 11th Bn. Royal Welsh Fusiliers Died of wounds 25th September 1918 in Salonika, aged 25 … Continue reading

Downes, John H

John Henry Downes, Private 219861, 50th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regt) Died of illness 20th August 1918 in Colchester, Essex, aged 21 … Continue reading

Milne, Ashley A

Ashley Albert Milne, Rifleman 17/2247, A Coy 15th Bn. Royal Irish Rifles Died of illness 19th July 1918 while a prisoner of war in Germany … Continue reading

Broadhurst, William C

William Charles Broadhurst, Chief Motor Mechanic MB/939, (Motor Boat Reserve) H.M.M.L. “No. 545.” Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Died of pneumonia 26th June 1918 in Gibraltar, aged 25 … Continue reading

Lockett, George

George Lockett, Private 290167, 1st/7th Bn. Cheshire Regiment Died of illness 10th June 1918 as a prisoner of war in Turkey, aged 21 … Continue reading

Heapy, Frank

Frank Heapy, Private 99378, 1st/5th Bn. The King’s (Liverpool Regiment) Died of wounds 14th May 1918 at Etaples, France, aged 26 … Continue reading

Start, Frank

Frank Start, Lance-Corporal 291771, 1/6th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment Died of wounds 8th May 1918 at Cambridge Hospital, Aldershot, aged 35 … Continue reading

Findlow, John

John Findlow, Private R/367253, 62nd Re-mount Sqdn., Army Service Corps Died 16th April 1918 in York Military Hospital, England, aged 41 … Continue reading

Floy, John T

John Thomas Floy, Private 291825, 1st/7th Bn. Royal Welsh Fusiliers Died of pneumonia 13th April 1918 in No. 17 General Hospital, Alexandria, Egypt, aged 28 … Continue reading

Swaine, Sidney

Sidney Swaine, Private 39548, 42nd Bn. Machine Gun Corps Died of wounds 12th April 1918 at No 14 General Hospital, Wimereux, France, aged 23 … Continue reading

Wildman, Harry

Harry Wildman, Driver T/11832, 4th Div. Train Army Service Corps Died 5th April 1918 in Hurdsfield House Hospital, Macclesfield, aged 24 … Continue reading

Carter, George A

George Alfred Carter, Lance Corporal 7094, “D” Coy. 5th Reserve Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers Died 9th March 1918 in Scarborough, aged 24 … Continue reading

Collier, William H

William Harold Collier, Rifleman 242690, 2nd/5th Bn, South Lancashire Regiment (attd. Base Supply Depot, Army Service Corps) Died of wounds 15th January 1918 in France, aged 24 … Continue reading

Barton, Alfred

Alfred Barton, Corporal TR3/74922, 51st Graduated Bn, The King’s (Liverpool Regiment) Died 7th January 1918 in Macclesfield Infirmary, aged 33 … Continue reading

Rowson, Frederick

Frederick Rowson, Private 44200, 74th Coy Labour Corps, formerly 64370, The King’s (Liverpool Regiment) 9th Inf. Labour Coy Died of pneumonia 30th December 1917 in hospital in Belgium, aged 42 … Continue reading

Gaskell, John

John Gaskell, Private 230627, 10th Bn. King’s Shropshire Light Infantry Died of wounds 3rd December 1917 in hospital at El Harish, Egypt, aged 21 … Continue reading

Naden, Arthur W

Arthur William Naden, Private 268212, 6th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment Died of wounds 25th November 1917 at Brook War Hospital, Woolwich, aged 23 … Continue reading

Wellings, Thomas

Thomas Wellings, Private 290498, 16th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment Died of wounds 13th November 1917 in hospital at Torhout, Belgium, aged 21 … Continue reading

Dennerley, John W

John William Dennerley, Private 44951, 1st/5th Bn., Northumberland Fusiliers Died of wounds 7th November 1917 at Lichtervelde, Belgium, aged 28 … Continue reading

Clarke, Frank

Frank Clarke, Mersey Z/813, H.M.S. Pembroke, Royal Navy Died of pneumonia 17th September 1917 in Glasgow Royal Infirmary, aged 23 … Continue reading

Hirst, Albert

Albert Hirst, 39859 Air Mechanic 2nd Class, 63rd Sqdn, Royal Flying Corps Died of heatstroke 6th September 1917 in 133rd British General Hospital, Basra, aged 24 … Continue reading

Murphy, Joseph

Joseph Murphy, Private 5540, 3rd Battalion, Connaught Rangers Died 3rd June 1917 at Hurdsfield House Hospital, Macclesfield, aged 30 … Continue reading

Bradbury, Harold

Harold Bradbury, Private 64098, 3rd Battalion, Royal Welsh Fusiliers Died of pneumonia 24th February 1917 in Kinmel Park Hospital, North Wales, aged 36 … Continue reading

Davies, George

George Davies, Private 29984, 1st Garrison Bn, Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby Regiment) Died 14th February 1917 in Liverpool, aged 32 … Continue reading

Hammond, William

William Hammond, Private DM2/205880, 2nd Mobile Coy, Army Service Corps Died of pneumonia 7th February 1917 at the Military Hospital, Salisbury, aged 32 … Continue reading

Latchford, Frank

Frank Latchford, Private 66243, 3rd Battalion, Royal Welsh Fusiliers Died 5th February 1917 at the Military Hospital, Kinmel Park, St Asaph, aged 24 … Continue reading

Crowder, Frank

Frank Crowder, Shoeing Smith Cpl 37707, 51st Reserve Bty Royal Field Artillery (formerly 36th Bty 33rd Brigade) Died 20th January 1917 at Essex County Hospital, Colchester, aged 36 … Continue reading

Norton, Robert

Robert Norton, Sgt 23777, 3rd Battalion, Manchester Regiment Died 7th October 1916 at the 2nd Western General Hospital, Manchester, aged 56 … Continue reading

Pedley, Albert

Albert Pedley, Corporal 14062, 12th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment Died of dysentery 26th September 1916 in Salonika, Greece, aged 28 … Continue reading

Tatton, Albert

Albert Tatton, Private 27720, 2nd Battalion, South Lancashire Regiment Died of wounds 7th September 1916 in Somme, France, aged 34 … Continue reading

Keogh, Thomas

Thomas Keogh, L/Cpl 12903, 10th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment Died of wounds 17th August 1916 at Stourbridge, Worcestershire, aged 26 … Continue reading

Wetton, James A

James Allan Wetton, Sapper 1765, 2/3rd North Midland Field Coy, Royal Engineers Died of pneumonia 17th April 1916 in Macclesfield Infirmary, aged 22 … Continue reading

Wardle, George

George Wardle, Corporal 1479, 1/7th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment Died of wounds 11th September 1915 at Netley Hospital, Southampton, aged 21 … Continue reading