Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport

Stepping Hill Hospital, in Stockport, opened in 1905 and became a military hospital during the First World War.



Nurse Mary Hicks worked at Stepping Hill hospital during WW1 and kept an autograph book, in which many of her patients wrote, drew sketches and signed their names; some also included their service numbers and regiments, and details of their injuries or where they were wounded. The whole of this ‘time capsule’ of life in a military hospital can be seen online via the Stepping Hill Hospital website.

Names in the book include:

Page  6: Private Thos. J. Jones, RAMC
Page  9: Driver E. Cook, RFA
Page 10: H. Ferguson, 2nd Black Watch
Page 16: Private C. Morris, 7th Gloucester Regt.
Page 17: J. Pimble, 2nd Gloucester Regt.
Page 18: John Flinton
Pages 20, 26 & 42-43: Gunner T. H. Toogood, RFA
Page 21: Pioneer H. Manton, Royal Engineers
Pages 24 & 25: L/Cpl J. J. Dowling, 9th Royal Scots
Pages 28-31 & 64-65: Private J. Carroll, 1/10th Manchester Regt.
Pages 32 & 36: Bombardier J. H., RFA
Page 33: A. Burns, NZMR?
Page 37: Frank L. Bunn, AOC
Page 38, 47-48: Private H. Johnson, DCM, 1st Kings Shropshire
Page 39: M. J. Palmer
Page 40: Private W. H. Bailey
Page 41: W. James, ASC
Page 46: L. A. Davies, 3rd Kings Royal Rifles
Page 51: Harry W. Kirkwood
Page 52: Private W. Grant, West Yorkshire Regt.
Page 57: J. Anderson, Border Regt.
Page 58: Private A. Brown, 1st Canadians 8th Batt.
Page 60: Jock, 1st Seaforth Highlanders
Pages 62-63: L/Cpl J. Larkin, 1/5th Lancs. Fusiliers
Page 69: Private F. Matthews, 1/8th Hants (Hampshire) Regt.
Page 70: Private C. Dunkley, 9339, RAMC
Page 72: Private J. Palmer, 3rd Royal Munsters
Page 73: Sgt. Joseph A. Hanman, RAMC
Pages 75-76: B. W., RFA
Page 77: Cpl V. S. Warner, 1st Canadian
Page 78: Pioneer H. Manton, Royal Engineers
Page 79: D. Stewart, 1st Border Regt.
Page 80: I. D. Laing 1/1 Scottish Horse C Squad
Page 81: Sgt Frank Price, AVC
Page 82: Private William Whitehead, 2nd Cameron Highlanders
Page 83: J. Beddall, 1st Suffolks
Page 84: S. C. Anderson, ASC
Pages 88 & 92: D. A. Fleming, M2/193020, MT ASC
Page 89: Private E. Hulston, 1st Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Page 93: Private G. Pittaway, 4th Worcestershire Regt.
Page 96: William Kidney, 6th Loyal North Lancs Regt.
Pages 98-99: Gunner Jas. (James) Archibald, C 59th Bde. RFA
Pages 102 & 106: Cpl J. Maitland, 11th Welsh Regt (Cardiff Pals)
Page 103: Private A. H. Lange, 10/1875, Wellington B Company, NZEF [Archibald Hall Lange]
Page 105: L/Cpl W. Stewart, 1st Border Regt.
Page 107: L/Cpl Matthews, 8th Duke of Wellingtons
Pages 108-109: Rifleman L. Hewitt, 2nd Kings Royal Rifle Corps
Page 111: Private J. Smith, 2nd South West Borderers


Listed below are people who have been researched who are known to have worked or been treated at Stepping Hill Hospital: