31st August 2016: Macclesfield Reflects aids search for relative of Arthur Rowbotham


Macclesfield Reflects researchers were asked by Gareth Hayton to help return a WWI medal, awarded to Private Arthur Rowbotham, to a member of his family. Detailed research into Arthur and his brothers and sisters was added to our website, together with a photo, to help Macclesfield Express readers identify whether they had a connection with Arthur.

A descendant of one of Arthur’s brothers has been found; he sent his thanks for our comprehensive research into a man whose life he previously knew little about.

The medal is described as a Victory medal in the newspaper, but in fact it is a British War Medal with a Victory medal ribbon attached to it. See this website for more information about WWI medals.


Report from Macclesfield Express, 31 August 2016

Report from Macclesfield Express, 31 August 2016

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