15-16 August: Gallipoli Commemoration

Macclesfield Remembers Gallipoli

7th Cheshires, Suvla Bay, August 1915

15TH – 16TH AUGUST 2015

A commemorative weekend of education and remembrance, dedicated to learning about and remembering those from the Macclesfield area, and the 7th Battalion of the Cheshire Regiment, who participated in the Gallipoli landings of 9th August 1915.

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Photo slideshow of the weekend’s events:

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9.30 – 17.00 SATURDAY 15TH AUGUST 2015


Town Hall P1120088

Location: Macclesfield Town Hall, Market Place, SK10 1EA

Macclesfield Town Hall is located within the pedestrianised area of the town centre, but a dropping off point and 4 disabled parking spaces are available adjacent to the new wing of the Town Hall in Unicorn Gateway.



  • Rear of the Town Hall Pay&Display – popular car park, arrive early for a space (entrance via Brunswick Street, off Jordangate); 5 disabled parking spaces
  • Hibel Road – free, but only 20 spaces (entrance on the westbound side of Hibel Road, on the A538 between the Tesco roundabout and the A537/A538 traffic lights) – 7 mins walk
  • Jordangate Multistorey Pay&Display (entrance in Jordangate, south of the A537/A538 traffic lights) – 5 mins walk; 14 disabled parking spaces; 1.8m vehicle height restriction
  • Other car parks, and charges, are on the Cheshire East website.



  • Light refreshments available for purchase in the Town Hall
  • Meals and snacks available from nearby shops and cafes


Lectures: approximate duration 50-60 mins each

** For full details, and to book your ticket, please download this booking form **

Assembly Room (full day tickets £8 in advance/£10 on the day):

  • 10:00 Martin Purdy: The Legacy of Gallipoli
  • 11:15 John Tanner: Gallipoli: A Photographic Tour
  • 13:45 Julian Hawley: An Australian at Gallipoli: The Early Experiences of Harry Murray VC
  • 15:00 David Hill: The 7th Cheshire Battalion

Council Chamber (no charge; booking recommended):

  • 11:15 David Hill: The Fighting McKay Family of Macclesfield
  • 13:45 Mike Coyle: War Memorials as a Resource for Family History


Exhibitions (no charge) to include:

  • Cheshire Villages Great War Society: Stories behind the names on local war memorials
  • Family History Society of Cheshire: Macclesfield in 1915
  • Geoff Archer:  Local War Memorial Photographic Exhibition


WW1 Research Helpdesk (no charge):

  • Bring your local WW1 stories, memorabilia and photos for us to copy, to preserve them for posterity and share in future Macclesfield Reflects exhibitions, publications and on the website.
  • Ask the Family History Society of Cheshire to help you research your WW1 ancestor.

Some of the displays from last years’ event can be seen here.



The following acts of remembrance, open to the public, are planned for Sunday afternoon:



Gallipoli Casualties, August 1915 to January 1916

At least forty Macclesfield men serving with the 7th Cheshire Regiment died between August and December 1915, when the Regiment was withdrawn from Gallipoli and moved to Egypt; twenty of these men died within a week of landing at Gallipoli. Many more casualties came from the surrounding villages and other regiments.

The names of local men who died during the Gallipoli campaign of 1915 that have been traced so far are listed below, with a link to those whose details have been uploaded to this website: there are still a number of unidentified casualties to be traced.

There are several duplications of names on the Macclesfield and adjacent village memorials.

Grateful thanks to Harry Carlisle and Geoff Archer for their help with compiling the list.



2nd Lieut CHARLES BROUGHTON HARROP BECK, died 15 Aug 1915
Captain COLIN NEIL CAMERON, died 10 Aug 1915
Captain GEOFFREY HEATH, died 10 Aug 1915
Lieut ERNEST McKAY, died 19 Sep 1915
2nd Lieut HORACE SEEL, died 07 Dec 1915
Captain WILLIAM TOM TURNER, died 10 Aug 1915

3208 Pte JAMES ALBINSON, died 20 Aug 1915
2850 Pte JAMES EDWARD BAYLEY, died 27 Aug 1915
1902 Pte JAMES BRADBURY, died 24 Aug 1915
2808 Pte ERNEST BROCKLEHURST, died 10 Aug 1915
2576 Pte WILLIAM BROWN, 1/7th Cheshire Regt, died 24 Aug 1915
2369 Pte CHARLES WILLIAM CANTRELL, died 10 Dec 1915
2487 Pte WILLIAM COOKE, died 3 Sep 1915
738 Pte HAROLD COUPS, died 16 Aug 1915
2074 Pte JOHN HENRY DALE, died 10 Aug 1915
91 Sgt JOHN SAMUEL FITCHETT, died 19 Aug 1915
290424 Pte GEORGE GANNON , died 9 Aug 1915
2579 Pte SIDNEY GIBBON, died 18 Aug 1915
206 Pte JAMES GILDAY, died 13 Aug 1915
2687 Pte HAROLD GOLDTHORPE, died 25 Aug 1915
2347 Pte THOMAS ALFRED GREEN, died 13 Aug 1915
2142 Pte GILBERT HARRISON, died 11 Aug 1915
3422 Pte HAROLD HAZELDINE, died 13 Aug 1915
2388 Pte  JOHN HODGSON, died 9 Aug 1915
2186 Pte  THOMAS VERNON COATES HOOLEY, died 9 Aug 1915
2100 Pte GEORGE MELLOR, died 20 Aug 1915
1759 L/Cpl HARRY NIELD, died 18 Aug 1915
2338 Pte BERTIE NUNN, died 9 Sep 1915
1302 L/Cpl THOMAS PEDLEY, died 24 Nov 1915
2450 Pte WILLIAM POMFRET ‘C’ Coy, died 11 Aug 1915
2116 Pte  JOHN SMALLWOOD, died 17 Aug 1915
240   Sgt WILLIAM SPARKES, died 10 Aug 1915
1589 Pte JOSEPH SUTTON, died 9 Aug 1915
2112 Pte  JAMES SWAINE, died 10 Aug 1915
2331 Pte FRANCIS WALTON, died 05 Sep 1915
2752 Pte  JOSEPH DAY WALTON, died 10 Aug 1915
1479 Cpl GEORGE WARDLE, died 11 Sep 1915
1539 Pte GEORGE WARDLE, died 25 Aug 1915
2382 Pte HAROLD WARREN, died 3 Sep 1915
1819 Pte WALTER WILLIAM WHITTAKER, died 20 Dec 1915

11401 Sgt SYDNEY CLOWES, died 18 Aug 1915

PLY 308 (S) Pte SILVESTER DALE, died 3 May 1915
PO/16312 Pte ARTHUR WHITMORE, died 6 May 1915

2361 Pte JOSEPH FOX, died 28 May 1915

2460 Pte HAROLD WILLIAMSON HIGGINS, died 6th June 1915

2933 L/Cpl HAROLD OWEN, died 7 Aug 1915
1544 L/Cpl ARTHUR UPTON, died 30 May 1915

21213 Pte WALTER BANCROFT, died 20 Oct 1915
1291   Pte FRED WYATT, died 25 May 1915

Major EDWARD LAWRENCE BADDELEY (T.D.), died 6th June 1915

16243 Pte ALLEN PARR, died 15 Aug 1915

191 Pte WILLIAM HAROLD THORNLEY, died 22 Aug 1915

499 Pte VICTOR CLARENCE CLANCY, died 28th June 1915

1223 Pte WILFRED BOOTH, died 26 April 1915

CH/18535 Pte EDWARD POVEY, died 12 July 1915


Alderley Edge 

2781 Pte GILBERT EDWARD DAVIES, 1/7th Cheshire Regt, died 1 Dec 1915
45 CSM GEORGE POWELL, 1/7th Cheshire Regt, died 10 Aug 1915



2496 Pte  WILLIAM BAGULEY, 1/7th Cheshire Regt, died 11 Aug 1915
1823 Pte JAMES ALBERT CHAPMAN, 1/7th Cheshire Regt, died 18 Oct 1915
2080 Pte WALTER HOLEHOUSE, 1/7th Cheshire Regt, died 18 Aug 1915
947 Pte SAMUEL HUNT, 1/7th Cheshire Regt, died 10 Aug 1915
2456 Pte  ALFRED LEIGH, 1/7th Cheshire Regt, died 10 Aug 1915
1466 Cpl JAMES MILLWARD, 1/7th Cheshire Regt, died 19 Aug 1915
Lieutenant SYDNEY HAMMOND MARSLAND, 11th Manchester Regt, 7 Aug 1915
2757 L/Cpl JOSEPH FRANCIS PICKFORD, 1/7th Cheshire Regt, died 11 Aug 1915
18206 Pte FREDERICK VERNON, Border Regt, died 21 Aug 1915



Captain CHARLES ALEXANDER ANTROBUS, 1st King’s Own Scottish Borderers, died 25 April 1915



308 (PLY) Pte  SILVESTER (SAMUEL) DALE, RMLI, died 3 May 1915
1539 Pte  GEORGE WARDLE, 1/7th Cheshire Regt, died 25 Aug 1915
1016 Sgt WILLIAM WEST, 1/7th Cheshire Regt, died 22 Aug 1915


Holmes Chapel 

Captain OSWALD ARMITAGE CARVER, Royal Engineers, died 7 Jun 1915
Captain WILLOUGHBY EMIL REISS, 1/6th Manchester Regt, died 8 Aug 1915



2498 Pte WILLIAM BAGULEY, 1/7th Cheshire Regt, died 11 Aug 1915
947 Pte  SAMUEL HUNT, 1/7th Cheshire Regt, died 10 Aug 1915
Lieut SYDNEY HAMMOND MARSLAND, 11th Manchester Regt, died 7 Aug 1915
2757 Pte JOSEPH FRANCIS PICKFORD, 1/7th Cheshire Regt, died 11 Aug 1915



1479 Cpl GEORGE WARDLE, 1/7th Cheshire Regt, died 11 Sep 1915


Mottram St Andrew 

45 CSM GEORGE POWELL, 1/7th Cheshire Regt, died 10 Aug 1915


Nether Alderley 

BRIGADIER GENERAL NOEL LEE, Manchester Regt, died 22 Jun 1915



878 (PLY) Pte EDWARD JONES, RMLI, died 6 Jan 1916



2nd Lieut CHARLES BROUGHTON HARROP BECK, 7th Cheshire Regt, died 15 Aug 1915
45 CSM GEORGE POWELL, 1/7th Cheshire Regt, died 10 Aug 1915



2757 Pte JOSEPH FRANCIS PICKFORD, 1/7th Cheshire Regt, died 11 Aug 1915
1670 Pte STANLEY TRUEMAN, 1/6th Manchester Regt, died 4 Jun 1915



3337 Pte  JOHN BRADLEY, 1/7th Cheshire Regt, died 10 Aug 1915



Lieut COLONEL HENRY BACKHOUSE, 7th Cheshire Regt, died 30 Dec 1915
Captain GEOFFREY HEATH, 1/7th Cheshire Regt, died 10 Aug 1915



1874 Pte ERNEST CAMM, 1/7th Cheshire Regt, died 19 Sep 1915
2nd Lieut FRANK HELM, 8th Manchester Regt, died 4 Jun 1915
3207 Pte  WILLIAM HERBERT LEE, 1/7th Manchester Regt, died 24 Dec 1915
15142 Pte FREDERICK HOWARD MORRELL, 6th Loyal North Lancs, died 11 Aug 1915
1016 Sgt  WILLIAM WEST, 1/7th Cheshire Regt, died 22 Aug 1915
PLY 17618 Pte BERTIE WHITWAM, RMLI, died 4 Mar 1915
3407 Pte WALTER WOODHOUSE, 1/7th Cheshire Regt, died 1 Oct 1915


15-16 August: Gallipoli Commemoration — 7 Comments

  1. my maiden names is Suzanne Upton.
    L/Cpl Arthur Upton 1544 is my grandfather
    I would appreciate it if you could send me details (when available)
    for the Gallipoli Commemoration to be held in August this year.
    I am starting a family tree so any further info on Arthur would be
    gratefully received.
    many thanks Sue Belsten

  2. I had to visit my aunt in hospital,and couldn’t come to the exhibition, but I would love to know more about Fred Walker 10 march 1892, 284 Hurdsfield Rd Macclesfield. He was a french polisher by trade. I can find nothing on Ancestry about him. All my information is from his Police application form, which says he served 11 sep 1914 to 26 april 1919, discharged 26 sep 1919. He was in 1/7/th Cheshires, 2/4/th Royal Welsh Fusiliers and 51st Manchester. What puzzles me is that he married in Macclesfield in 1916.He survived the war and became a policeman in Blackpool. My father in law said Fred was at Gallipoli. Thank you.

  3. Marie, could this be the same person? The Macclesfield Times newspaper of 8th October 1915 says “Private Fred Walker, 1/7th Batt. Cheshire Regt. has been wounded in the left shoulder. He is the son of Mr & Mrs W Walker of 126 Black Road, Macclesfield, and enlisted shortly after the outbreak of war. Private Walker is 23 years of age and was formerly employed by Mr Bagnall, Sunderland Street, Macclesfield. He was a member of St Paul’s Bible Class.”
    If this Fred Walker was aged 23 in 1915 he would have been born in 1892. According to the 1914 Kelly’s Directory for Cheshire, Mr Joseph Bagnall of 61 Sunderland Street was a cabinet maker.
    If you think this is the right Fred Walker (looks promising to me) then I will do more research on him.

    • Yes, that is definitely him. His family home was 126 Black Rd and his police application form says his last employer was Mr Jno Bagnall, 59 Sunderland Rd. Thank you. You have solved the mystery of why he came home and was then able to marry Bertha Kirkham. Bertha and Fred never had any children as far as I know. Fred was my husband’s great-uncle. I do know all about his family, parents and siblings but if there is any more to be found on his military career, I’d love to know it. It’s interesting that he was a member of St Paul’s Bible Class as he was baptized at St Peter’s.I just wish I could tell my father in law! Thanks again, Marie

  4. My Grandad Frank Dixon Riddlesworth has not appeared on the listing of 1/7th Battalion Cheshire Regiment, killed in action in Gallipoli on 4/11/1917 aged 31 Private 290515, Buried at Beersheba War cemetery Israel/Palatine C.W.G.C. Ref E4

    Thanks John

    • John, the 7th Cheshire Regiment was part of the 53rd (Welsh) Division which was withdrawn from Gallipoli in December 1915 and moved to Egypt. Your grandfather was killed near Beersheba, now in Israel, during the 3rd Battle of Gaza which took place between 27th October and 7th November 1917, two years after the Battalion left Gallipoli. This is the reason he is not listed with the Gallipoli casualties.
      More information about the movements of the 7th Cheshire Regiment can be found on the Long, Long Trail website at http://www.1914-1918.net/53div.htm; information about the campaign in Egypt and Palestine against the Turks can be found at http://www.1914-1918.net/palestine.htm
      Please be assured that your grandfather will appear on the website in the future.