16-29 Jan 2015: “Testament of Youth” at Cinemac

Shown on various dates between 16th and 29th January at The Old Sunday School, Roe Street, Macclesfield. More information on the Cinemac website.


testamentVera Brittain’s autobiographical account of growing up as a young woman before and during World War One is one of the most enduring accounts of the effect of the war on women, and it remains a powerful story 100 years on.

Born in Newcastle-under-Lyme in 1894, Vera Brittain lived with her parents and younger brother Edward at Glen Bank in Chester Road, Macclesfield between the ages of 18 months and eleven years, when the family moved to Buxton.

Vera studied English Literature at Oxford University but postponed her studies in 1915 after one year in order to volunteer with the Red Cross as a VAD. Her service record can be seen on the Red Cross website.

The diaries on which the film is primarily based were written between 1913 and 1917.

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