15th Nov – 7th Dec 2014: 100 Years on – Great War Commemorative Exhibition

As part of WinterFest, Incubation Arts at Charles Roe House is again opening its doors to coincide with the national commemorations of World War 1.

100 Years On – ‘Art of Remembering’
at Charles Roe House, Chestergate, Macclesfield
15th November – 7th December 2014

Monday to Friday 10am to 4 pm, and weekends 11am to 4pm. Free entry.

ARTSXSTRA and CHESHIRE ARTISTS NETWORK are collaborating to present a unique exhibition in a wide variety of media.  The work represents individual responses to the Conflict 100 years ago, as seen through collective recollection and documentary accounts and family histories.

Penny CANWith this exhibition, we as artists pay homage to those millions who made their ultimate sacrifices so that we could live in peace. The public will find it interesting to view the exhibits as each artist has viewed and reflected on the War from its various aspects that impacted on society.

For the artists participating from Cheshire Artists Network, the collective pieces of work have been travelling to several regions as the ‘Great War Commemorative Touring Exhibition’ supported by the grant from the Arts Council England. Among other venues, they have exhibited at the Royal Air Force Museum in Cosford, Shropshire and most recently at the Grosvenor Museum in Chester.

‘The Glorious Dead’ Photographic Exhibition by Geoff Archer.

'The Response', at Newcastle-upon-Tyne

‘The Response’, at Newcastle-upon-Tyne

An exhibition of fifty photos of war memorial sculpture, with examples from all parts of the UK. Of the tens of thousands of memorials produced in the wake of the First World War, perhaps as many as a thousand featured significant figurative sculpture, amounting to the largest programme of public sculpture the country has ever seen. Sculptors of all levels were involved, from the most eminent to anonymous local masons, and many works are of the highest quality. All aspects of the war were illustrated from enthusiastic enlistment to mourning the dead: collectively the images tell the story of the war from start to finish.

The Macclesfield War Graves Project is ‘staging’ a trench titled “The Christmas Truce” installed in one of the rooms of Charles Roe House, and the Macclesfield Group of the Family History Society of Cheshire will have a display of WW1 research and a slideshow of Macclesfield People and Places from the early 1900s.

To give this exhibition a strong personal and local focus, Incubation Arts is asking for any memorabilia that the people of Macclesfield may have in their possession which would add poignancy to the event. Many of these will be, by definition, precious artefacts (such as medals, letters, photographs etc), so scanned images, photocopies and similar will be acceptable for exhibition purposes, or photographing/scanning can be done for you by arrangement. Incubation Arts will endeavour to display them in a sympathetic and sensitive manner throughout the building.

In the first instance, if you have any memorabilia to share, please contact Incubation Arts by email to info@incubationarts.org  or write to Incubation Arts, Charles Roe House, Chestergate, Macclesfield, SK11 6DY with details of what you may have to display.

There are also plans to incorporate exhibition visitors’ recordings of memories and their written words – perhaps handed down to them by their relatives – which can be added to, as the event continues, thus ensuring the unfolding of an ever-changing narrative over the weeks between November 15th and December 7th.

Some photos of the event:

Family History Society of Cheshire (FHSC) WW1 helpdesk

Family History Society of Cheshire (FHSC) WW1 helpdesk

Display of research into the lives of WW1 servicemen who lived in Chestergate

Display of research into the lives of WW1 servicemen who lived in Chestergate

Reconstruction of WW1 trench by The Macclesfield War Graves Project

Reconstruction of WW1 trench

"Caught in the Crossfire" by Jeff Teasdale

“Caught in the Crossfire” by Jeff Teasdale

Background to "Caught in the Crossfire"

Background to “Caught in the Crossfire”

Archie Teasdale's medical discharge certificate

Archie Teasdale’s medical discharge certificate

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