21 June 2014: Macclesfield Reflects on 1914

The first event organised by the Macclesfield Reflects group was held at Macclesfield Town Hall during the Barnaby festival on 21st and 22nd June 2014.

The event was a resounding success with hundreds of visitors. Just a few of the displays are included in these photos:


2014TH repro news P1100711 web

2014TH helpdesk P1100674 web

2014TH display P1100679 web 2014TH display P1100704 web 2014TH Wincle P1100710 web 2014TH  Lower Withington P1100701 web 2014TH display P1100705 web 2014TH Sutton P1100702 web 2014TH war graves P1100708 web 2014TH Park St Memorial P1100707 web

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