Jones, J W I

J W I Jones, Royal Navy
Lost at sea 1st June 1916 in the Battle of Jutland



J W I Jones entered Macclesfield Industrial School on 1st June 1905 and left in November 1908.

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J W I Jones served in the Royal Navy on HMS King Alfred, according to the Macclesfield Industrial School war memorial. However, the Macclesfield Courier of 5th August 1916 states that he was lost during the Battle of Jutland; HMS King Alfred did not participate in that battle, so he must have transferred to another ship. Another discrepancy is that the memorial names him as J W I Jones but the newspaper names him as J W J Jones.

His death was reported in the Macclesfield Courier of 5th August 1916:

A letter has been received at the Macclesfield Certified Industrial School stating that J W J Jones, who entered the school on June 1st 1905, and left in November, 1908, went down in the Jutland Battle.




J W I Jones was lost at sea and has no known grave. Locally, J W I Jones is commemorated on the Macclesfield Industrial School war memorial.

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