Bygone news: 8 Oct 1915 – The Macclesfield Times

News from the Macclesfield Times and East Cheshire Observer of Friday 8th October 1915.

Macclesfield Men Reported Missing



It is gratifying to record that very few casualties among the 1/7th Cheshire Regiment serving in the Dardanelles have been notified this week. Several Macclesfield members of the Battalion have, however, been officially posted as missing, causing anxiety to relatives and friends at home.

With respect to the death of Signaller H Warren, a former Macclesfield newsagent, who was killed by a shell while fetching water, his widow, who resides in Bridge Street, has received touching letters from his comrades, who pay warm tributes to the memory of their departed comrade. The casualties reported this week are:


Private Fred Walker, 126 Black Rd


Private Joseph Sutton, 41 Commercial Rd
Private J H Dale, 1 Jackson St
Private John Hodgson, 6 Knight’s Brow
Private A Leigh, Oldham St, Bollington



Drummer Arthur Ashness, 1/7th Cheshires, wrote to his mother, Mrs Mary E Ashness, 65 Union St, on 19th September to say, “We were shelled before we landed, and lost a lot of men on the way to the firing line. We found a Turkish girl sniper up a tree, clad in green with her rifle painted the same colour.” Drummer Ashness is 19 years of age, was a member of the Macclesfield Harriers, and was in the Territorials before the war. His brother, John William, has also served in the army.



Since the publication of our last list in July, the following recruits have joined the 3/7th Battalion Cheshire Regiment (Territorial Force). Recruits reside in Macclesfield unless stated otherwise, and are not listed in strict alphabetical order.


Charles Oliver Avery, 42 Lord St
Frank Avery, 16 Chapel St


Ernest Burgess, 53 Chapel St, Sandbach
Arthur Bailey, 4 Heapy St
Arthur Brookes, 10 Derby St
Wilfred Bosson, Oak Cottage, Willaston, Nantwich
John Samuel Bettley, 9 Fletcher St, Crewe
Harry Bond, 104 Great King St
Wm Briscoe, 8 Thomas St
John Bunter, 43 Hayfield St, Stockport
Albert Baskerville, 11 Thornycroft St
John Booth, 20 Pickford St
Harry Barnshaw, 52 Bollington Cross
James Bailey, 3 Gunco Lane
James Barrett, 19 Fletcher St, Bury
Ernest Harry Bailey, Bosley
Walter Bristow, 22 Bollington Cross
Herbert Bate, 438 Underwood Lane, Crewe
Fred Boon, Mosley, Congleton
Harold Bowler, 2 Ct 1 House Lower Bank St
Randall Burrows, Edge House Farm, Over Alderley
James Barrett, 43 Spring Gardens, Crewe
George Buckley, 76 Meredith St, Crewe
Arthur Bracegirdle, Hare Hill, Alderley
John Wm Boyd, 74 Union St, Sandbach
Harry Bowers, 41 Elm Rd, Altrincham
Wm Brookes, 164 Broad St, Crewe


George Wm Capper, 1 House 2 Court Black Rd
Harry Cheetham, 85 Whirley Rd
George Henry Cooper, 58 St George’s St
Bert Cotterill, Biddulph
George Cartwright, 10, New House, Golden Hill
Wm Ernest Coles, Harebarrow Farm, Prestbury
Arthur Ernest Coles, Fallibroome Farm, Prestbury


Samuel Dawson, 22 Lowe St
George Albert Dignum, Hall House Cottage, Rushton
Harold Duckworth, 9 Chapel St, Sandbach
Albert Derbyshire, 2 Newton St


James Foden, 5 Cotton St
Norman Fletcher, 28 Gresty Rd, Crewe
John Fletcher, 7 Fountain St
Walter Edward Furnivall, 110 Newton St


Wm Genders, 30 Roe St
Daniel Greenall, 23 Ludford St, Crewe
Joseph Griffiths, 62 Mill St, Congleton
John Griffiths, 73 Cemetery View, Nantwich


Chas Hodkinson, 21 Derby St
Clarence Walter Hackney, 16 Riseley St
Wm Harrison, 173 Garden Terrace, Crewe Rd, Sandbach
Frank Hope, 16 Naylor St, Crewe
Wilfrid Harrison, 57 Ryle St
Joseph Hulley, 22 Langley
James Holland, 1 House 6 Court Derby St
John James Hooley, 12 Table St
Colin Howarth, 36 Waterloo St
Wm Hancock, Stafford


Harry Jackson, 43 Jackson Lane, Kerridge


Thos Lucas, 50 Pickford St
Albert Lindop, 4 Meredith St, Crewe
Thos A Latham, 91 Thomas St, Crewe
Richard Latham, 50 Canal St, Congleton
Samuel Leech, 45 Copper St


Albert Metcalfe, Clay Lanes, Sandbach
James Arthur Moore, 3 House 2 Court Baker St, Congleton
John Moses, 40 Brunswick St, Congleton
Robert Murdock, 2 Ashbourne Rd, Cheadle
Harry Mottram, 32 Daybrook St
Wm Henry Meade, 43 Mill St, Congleton
Wm Mitchell, Hibel Rd
Harold Murray, 26 Knight St


John Thos Newton, 48 Copper St
John Norton, 7 Calamine St
Thos Nixon, 18 Newton St, Newcastle-under-Lyne


George Wm Turner Oliver, 20 Forge St, Crewe
Thos Ollier, 27 Madeley St, Crewe
George Osborne, 76 Garden St


James Partington, 4 Court 2 House Daybrook St
Wm Powell, 14 Forge St, Crewe
Thos Pegg, 2 Court 1 House Commercial Rd
Frederick Cookson Pedley, 2 East Side Cottage, Nantwich
John Pegg, 15 Pleasant St
Wm Prince, 9 Wall Lane, Nantwich


Frederick Roberts, 6 Stanley St
Wm Rowbotham, 9 Clowes St
Douglas Readdin, 12 Cross St, Crewe
James Rogerson, 2 Peter St, Crewe
O Roberts, 5 Hulley St
Jesse Gladstone Reeves, 64 South St, Crewe


John Swindells, 1 Wellington St
Arthur Sheldon, 14 Bridge St
Frederick Stevenson, Nether Alderley
Herbert Snape, 19 Calamine St
Harry Stanesby, 136 Uxbridge St, Burton-on-Trent
John Swindells, 110 Bank St
Geo Arthur Steele, 22 Canal St, Milton, Staffs
James Edgar Sellars, 146 Crompton Rd
John Victor Steele, 52 Crossall St
Stanley Smallwood, 13 West St


Francis Thompson, 1 Flint St
George Temstall, 23 Somerville St, Crewe


Frank Vickers, 48 Naylor St, Crewe


Charles Watkinson, 107 Park Lane
Wm Wilson, 116 Beam St, Nantwich
Alfred Ward, Hobson farm, Tytherington
Geo Henry Wood, Elworth Hill, Sandbach


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