7th Cheshire Regiment War Diary: 9 Aug 1915



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6.30 AM 1/7 Ches. Regt. landed on C Beach SUVLA. The Bn. was got together and came under shellfire at about 8.30 AM. Moved N. along edge of Bay and received orders to attack in direction of dip in hills behind ANAFARTA SAGHIR. Nothing was said as to where Turks might be expected, or if our own troops were in front. At 4.0 PM 1 Officer & 17 NCO’s & men 1/7 Ches. Regt. & 1 Officer & 50 NCO’s & men reached hedge 200 yds W of Turk trench running N & S through S of SULAJIK. This line was held to 6.0 PM when troops retired to Turk trench where Col. BACKHOUSE took command of the line & ordered the trench to be put in a state of defence. Nothing happened during the night except sniping.

Capt. G.N. HEATH appointed temp Adjutant vice 2 Lieut. G.E. NELSON wounded 9.8.15.

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