Bygone news: 24 July 1915 – Our Boys For The Front

News from the Macclesfield Courier and Herald of Saturday 24th July 1915.

Our Boys For The Front – 256 names and addresses of 1/7th Cheshire Regiment men who left last week for service overseas – letter from ‘A Macclesfield Woman’ denouncing Macclesfield Corporation’s indifference

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The Mayor has received the following list of names of Macclesfield lads in the “C” and “D” Companies of the 1/7th Battalion Cheshire Regiment who left Bedford last week. One of the Officers, who writes to the Mayor, says that if any friends in the old town would like to send tobacco or cigarettes to them, such could be sent to them free of duty, and they should be addressed to Officer Commanding “C” or “D” Company, 1/7th Cheshire Regiment, Mediterranean Expeditionary Force.

Lance-Corporal Nield, 10 Chapel St
Lance-Corporal Jones, 17 Nelson St
Lance-Corporal Malkin, 17 Fountain St
Private F Higginbotham, 27 Snow Hill
Private W Hulley, 33 Langley
Private E Simpson, 73 Langley
Private J Hodgson, 6 Knights Brow
Private W Lockett, 109 Hurdsfield Rd
Private H Justin, 22 Leigh St
Private W Stanley, 41 Charles St
Private V Hooley, 70 Prestbury Rd
Private F Johnson, 5 Clowes St
Private W Hooley, 18 Parsonage St
Private G Devine, 28 Fountain St
Lance-Corporal W Arrowsmith, 7 Slater St
Private A Smith, Stanley St
Private F Berisford, Charlotte St
Sergeant Molly, Wellington St
Corporal D Gallimore, 8 Vincent St
Private W Coates, 12 Richmond Place
Private D Campbell, 3 Langford St
Private J Breeze, 10 Grange Rd
Private A Armstrong, 10 Chatham St
Private Broomhead, 6 Princess St
Private S Bradley, Pearl St, Prestbury
Private Moseley, 3 Davis St
Private Barber, 10 Barracks Square
Private Dobson, 192 Crompton Rd
Private Naden, 60 Brown St
Private Hatton, 30 Bollington Cross
Corporal G Wardle, 22 South St
Private J Burgess, 59 Crompton Rd
Corporal Moores, 79 Park Lane
Private Heath, 22 Bank St
Private Carroll, 8 Stanley St
Private Goulden, 1 Victoria Yard
Private Sanders, 9 Wellington St
Private Morton, 34 Landsdown St
Private Bushell, 39 Waterloo St
Private Potts, 30 Cotton St
Private Swinscoe, 35 Waterloo St
Private J Wardle, 30 Windmill St
Private W, Sutton, 55 Windmill St
Private Wilkinson, 9 Norbury St
Private Foster, 9 Princess St
Private Wood, 4 Barton St
Private Baskervill, Knight’s Brow
Private W Oakes, 4 Parsonage St
Lance-Corporal T Cross, 14 Davis St
Lance- Corporal H Dean, 3 Ivy Lane
Sergeant J Belfield, 3 Welsh St
Sergeant J Sparkes, 2 Brown St
Corporal F Hudson, 51 Gurnett, Sutton
Lance-Corporal W Wardle, 19 Barton St
Private H Gannon, 28 Paradise St
Private G Gannon, 11 Fountain St
Private J Bracegirdle, 4 Adderley St
Corporal J Frodsham, 22 Wellington St
Private Hooley, 46 Langley
Private Floyd, 5 Bridge St
Private J Leah, 76 Bond St
Private J Bradbury, 8 Half St
Private J Clarkson, 43 Higginbotham St
Private T Baskervill, 8 Jodrill St
Private W Weatherman, 3 Pott St
Private F Evans, 45 Parsonage St
Private S Cunningham, 2 Bank St
Private J Cunningham, 27 Poole St
Private G Wardle, 88 Oxford Rd
Private A Boothby, 14 Parsonage St
Private H Stevenson, 21 Coronation St
Lance-Corporal A Taylor, 167 Park Lane
Private A Moss, 11 Green St
Private Chesters, Farnshaw Brook, Siddington
Private J Inglefield, Macclesfield Industrial School, Brook St
Private D Warren, 66 Bond St
Private H Wrigley, 34 Heapy St
Private S W Lovatt, 8 Cotton St
Private F Merriman, 365 Park Lane
Private R Chesworth, 37 West Bond St
Private J Holland, 17 Derby St
Private S Seddon, Coronation Terrace
Lance-Corporal P Snape, 80 Crompton Rd
Private S Ashton, 8 Chatham St
Private W Jepson, 40 Copper St
Private A Moss, 16 Nixon St
Private J Bradbury, 1 Fountain St
Private H Barratt,56 Vincent St
Private S Staniforth, 8 Albion St
Private H Riddlesworth, Chestergate
Private S Swindells, 43 Water St
Private A Bamford, Green St
Lance-Corporal Beanland, 84 Bank St
Private G Lovatt, Cotton St
Lance-Corporal Barton, 1 Green’s Court, Green St
Drummer Buckley, 1 Bowden St
Private W Aston, 18 Ryle St
Private G Bamford, 12 King Edward St
Private W Bamford, 1 Davies St
Private W E Bailey, 57 Windmill St
Private P Barber, Yew Tree Cottage, Henbury
Private G Birchenough, Victoria Park, Buxton Rd
Private F Booth, 49 Fence St
Private W Bowers, 4 Hope St, Buxton Rd
Private F Culley,24 Statham St
Private W Arrowsmith, 68 Peel St
Private W Cocker, 17 Bowden St
Private J Brough, 111 Bridge St
Private J Collins, 31 Union St
Private A Goldthorpe, 116 Chester Rd
Private J Edge, 1 Court, 8 Fountain St
Private W Bracegirdle, 42 Brook St
Private J Dixon, Fern Lea, Chester Rd
Private H Gould, 109 St George’s St
Private H E Goodwin, 130 Bond St
Private J F Cooper, 1 Bond St
Private A Higginbotham, 90 Daybrook St
Private F Lightfoot, 44 King St
Private J Hancell, 30 Jackson St
Private C Harrison, 5 Flint St
Private A Lea, 39 Windmill St
Private E Gosling, 51 Pitt St
Private W Hulley, Gashouse, Langley
Sergeant Coups, 269 Buxton Rd
Lance-Corporal Burke, 19 Hope St West
Private J W Tatton, 26 King St
Private J Oldfield, 13 Wellington St
Private A Preece, 3 William St, Buxton Rd
Private J Royston, 27 Thomas St
Private J Shaw, Catherine St
Lance-Corporal T Wellings, 30 Chestergate
Private Williams, 53 Lord St
Private Williamson, 23 Silk St
Private Whittaker, 42 Davenport St
Private Whitney, 22 George St West
Private Mottershead, 24 Great King St
Private Tomkinson, Mill lane
Private T Poynton, Blue Bell Lane
Private F Rigby, 9 Coalpit Lane
Private J A Savage, 14 Waterloo St West
Private F Perry, 11 Higginbotham St
Private F Riddlesworth, 3 Albion St
Private L Newton, 6 Windmill St
Private F Poynton, 6 Alderley St
Private A Taylor, 27 Newton St
Private A Green, 17 Water St
Private J Cleaver, 228 Hurdsfield Rd
Private T Seddon, 40 Brown St
Lance-Corporal F F Taylor, 211 Bond St
Private Rowbotham, 3 Windmill St
Private L Lyons, 70 Elizabeth St
Private J Faulkner, Crompton Rd
Sergeant F Shaw, Blagg St
Lance-Corporal J F Wellings, 45 Great King St
Lance-Corporal Twigg, 25 Snow Hill
Private S Cooper, 15 Davies St
Private J Wardle, 74 Vincent St
Private F Walton, 2 Princess St
Private J Vigrass, 15 Francis St
Private Westwood, 35 Shaw St
Lance-Corporal H Buckley, 18 Mill Rd
Private J Bowers, 21 Pool St
Private A J Rubbathan, 67 Commercial Rd
Private J Tomlinson, 9 William St
Private J Wood, 70 Gunco Lane
Private H E King, 19 High St
Private C F Gillett, 24 Turnock St
Private J Smallwood, 45 Station St
Private A Johnson, 4 Tunnicliffe St
Private H Sheldon, 4 Hully Place
Private E N Dawson, Hall Cottages, Langley
Private W Plant, 84 Vincent St
Private F Dooley, 14 Fowler St
Private J Tomkinson, 1 Court 1 House, Beech Lane
Private G Mellor, 67 Paradise St
Private W Lynch, 48 Charles St
Private W Varley, 4 Waterside
Private F Murray, 24 Mills Croft
Private W Swindells, 11 London Rd
Private F Mathers, 57 St George’s St
Sergeant J Fitchett, 2 West St
Lance-Corporal W Torkington, 5 West St
Lance-Corporal S Parr, 129 Park Lane
Private Broadhurst, 3 Clough House, Windmill St
Corporal F Wood, 28 King Edward St
Lance-Corporal J Grant, 1 Calamine Place
Private G Blackshaw, 342 Park Lane
Private F Warrington, 57 Bond St
Private E Slack, 2 House 4 Court, King Edward St
Private S Mathers, 82 Pitt St
Private J M Walton, 32 Chestergate
Private F Stoneley, 40 Stanley St
Private E Tomlinson, 24 Lowe St
Private A Wright, 36 Brock St
Private H Lomas, 46 Pitt St
Private W A Orme, 90 Hobson St
Sergeant L Shaw, Black Rd
Private G Lockett, 22 Cotton St
Private J F Rowson, 22 Mills Croft
Private A Jackson, 5 Henderson St
Private C Kniveton, 35 Waterside
Private A Stevenson, 22 Princess St
Private A Hirl, 8 House 1 Court, Lowe St
Private A Norbury, 7 Pool St
Private Broderick, 26 King St
Lance-Corporal Barnshaw, 25 Coare St
Private F Dunkerley, Pinfold St
Lance-Corporal Fisher, 241 Hurdsfield Rd
Sergeant S Hall, Blue Bell Lane, Tytherington
Sergeant J Dobson, 8 Preston St West
Lance-Corporal Bolton, Waters Green
Lance-Corporal Lyons, 12 Princess St
Private Latham, 17 Princess St
Private Swindells, 28 Crossall St
Private Bulger, 7 Daybrook St
Private Cantrell, 7 Brook St
Private Garforth, 93 Hurdsfield Rd
Private G J Walker, 257 Park Lane
Private Williamson, 18 Lowe St
Drummer Ashness, 65 Union St
Lance-Corporal Barnett, 15 Bond St
Lance-Corporal H Lovatt, 234 Hurdsfield Rd
Private S Barnett, 35 Bank St
Private S T Blackwell, 32 Beech Lane
Private W Hodkinson, 9 Grange Rd
Private W H Mitchell, 23 Cross St
Private H F Shenton, 26 St George’s St
Private T Hudson, Daisy Bank
Private J Edge, 19 Frances St
Private H Hadfield, 92 Bank St
Private F Cotterall, 2 Victoria Cottages, Mill Lane
Private W H Ward, 86 Brown St
Private J Latchford, 59 Arbourhay St
Private C Dobson, 33 Union St
Private L Moss, 25 Park Lane
Private J Kirk, 63 Pickford St
Private Reddington, 13 Lower Bank St
Private M Bailey, 4 Dean St
Lance-Corporal Spencer, 23 Prestbury Rd
Private H Brown, George St
Sergeant Drummer Sonnenberg, The Barracks, Crompton Rd
Corporal J W Brees, 9 Derby St
Private Pickering, 143 Hurdsfield Rd
Private Gain, 29 Heapy St
Private Topham, 10 Princess St
Private Perrin, 21 Wellington St
Private Stanway, 33 Waterloo St
Private S Higginbotham, 93 Mill St
Private Weston, 20 Water St
Private J Sutton, 44 Commercial Rd
Private W Hunt, 23 Waterloo St
Private Howarth, 4 Alderley St
Private Armstrong, 10 Chatham St



Private C W Taylor, 10 London Rd
Private T Gilday, 3 Waller St
Sergeant J W Ferris, Chester Rd
Lance-Corporal A Cox, Gunco Lane
Private A Booth, 117, Chester Rd
Lance-Corporal J W Sutton, 232 Hurdsfield Rd
Sergeant N Riseley, Oxford Rd (attached Sussex Regiment).





To the Editor of the “Macclesfield Courier”

Dear Sir, – In company with others I journeyed to Bedford last week to bid God-speed to our Macclesfield lads who have gone to fight for King and country.

I consider it a great pity that they should have been permitted to leave our shores without some message or token of goodwill from our Mayor and Corporation or other public men. In this we have something to learn from the sister borough of Congleton. A gentleman of that town – I believe a member of the Corporation – journeyed to Bedford and gave each man of the Congleton detachment a writing pad, pipe, tobacco, and cigarettes with expressed good wishes for a safe return.

A rumour had become current that a visit by some members of the Macclesfield Corporation on a similar errand of goodwill might be expected, and there was much disappointment expressed at the indifference those in high places showed in the matter.

We have repeated evidence of the fact that our local authority are seldom able to see further than their noses. There are amongst them men professing their Christian virtues, whose names are prominent in our published lists of subscriptions, and it is discreditable to all alike that it should have been left to Congleton to set us an example of Christian charity and thoughtfulness, and that our brave Macclesfield men, many of whom have left good positions and good homes to face all manner of hardships, so that we at home may dwell in safety, should have been permitted to leave their native land without even a word of cheer or expression of goodwill from the authorities of their own town.

Yours faithfully,


July 22nd, 1915



Bygone news: 24 July 1915 – Our Boys For The Front — 2 Comments

  1. The letter from ‘MACCLESFIELD WOMAN’ taking Macclesfield Corporation to task for its lack of action dated July 22nd 1915 – wonderful- 100 years on – Nothing Changes !!
    p.s. who was this lady?

  2. I’m afraid I don’t know who wrote the letter – in the newspaper it simply says “A Macclesfield Woman”. It was included precisely because the sentiments expressed still seem relevant today.