Bygone news: 28th May 1915 – Industrial School Roll of Honour

News from the Macclesfield Times of Friday 28th May 1915.



170 old boys fighting for their country


Upwards of 170 old boys of the Macclesfield Certified Industrial School are serving with the colours in the great war, and the following roll of honour has been prepared. Mr W Swaine, the Secretary, will be pleased to forward gifts of cigarettes, or to make purchases and send packages out of any monetary donations made to him for that purpose.

The following officials and officers are also serving:- President, His Grace the Duke of Westminster, Vice-President, Colonel William Bromley-Davenport, DSO; Manager, Mr J C Close-Brooks, JP, 1st Life Guards; Assistant Schoolmaster, Mr J E Camble, Cheshire Regt; Assistant Schoolmaster, Mr A A., Cheshire Regt; Manual Instructor and Joiner, Mr G E Bassett, Cheshire Regt; Engineer, Mr J W Evans, Welsh Guards.


Name Surname Year of leaving Rank Btn Regiment Notes
Sidney Allen 1912 RFA
Jesse Allman 1912 Cheshire Regt
Robert Banham 1905 East Surrey Regt
Francis Barnes 1909 RFA
Ernest Beard 1912 3rd King’s Liverpool Regt
Harold Benson 1912 York & Lancaster Regt
William Bertenshaw 1902 Manchester Regt
John Blanton 1904 Cheshire Regt
William Blanton 1908 Cheshire Regt
J A Boardman 1905 Cheshire Regt
George Bolton 1903 Sergeant Cheshire Regt
Edward Bools 1911 RFA Wounded
William Bostock 1912 RFA
William Bowers 1906 1st York & Lancaster Regt Wounded
Arthur Bradbury 1901 Stoker Royal Navy
Bertie Bradley 1911 19th Battn of London
W Briscoe 1884 Cheshire Regt
Reginald Brooks 1909 2nd Royal Munster Fusiliers
Harry Burton 1914
Arthur Butterworth 1913 Cheshire Regt
Thomas Butterworth 1910 Northants Wounded
Cecil Carter 1912 Northumberland Fus
George Carter 1913 Leicester Regt
Harry Carter 1908 Rifle Brigade POW
Thomas Cartwright 1885 Cheshire Regt
J Chilton 1902 Corporal Cheshire Regt
Thomas Chippendale 1901 Yorks Regt
C Victor Clancy 1909 1st Australian Division
George Clarke 1908 Royal Scots Fusiliers
W F Collier 1902 Cheshire Regt POW
Fred Compton 1906 Cheshire Regt
Tom Compton 1902 Cheshire Regt
Albert James Corps 1902 POW
Charles M Court 1904 Cheshire Regt
Joseph Cox 1906 RFA Wounded
Albert Crisp 1904 Corporal Cheshire Regt POW
Alfred Crossley 1907 KSLI
Thomas Crumplin 1909 2nd Lancashire Regt
Edward Davies 1911 King’s Liverpool Regt
James Dean 1886 Sergeant Cheshire Regt
Edmund Depledge 1907 Stoker Royal Navy
John T Dickens 1909 Royal Navy
William Dickens 1912 2nd Welsh Regt
Benjamin Dixon 1911 Warwicks
William Duce 1907 Cheshire Regt
Elijah Ellis 1909 Royal Navy
W Frederick England 1909 Cheshire Regt
John Englefield 1913 Cheshire Regt
W John Fallon 1908 Cheshire Regt KIA
John Forrest 1912 Pembrokeshire Yeomanry
Joseph Franklin 1912 Cheshire Regt
Ernest Frost 1895 Cheshire Regt
Arthur Garton 1912 Royal Engineers
Richard George 1906 Cheshire Regt
Albert Gleadall 1907 Royal Engineers
David Goodhead 1909 KOYLI
Thomas Grayson 1900 Royal Navy
C E Greenwood 1905
George Gribble 1907 Royal Engineers
Bert Gubbings 1913 Band 1st South Highlanders
Samuel Hadfield 1885 Marine Artillery
Walter Haigh 1911 Cheshire Regt
Charles Hales 1897 ASC Wounded
James Hampson 1895 Cheshire Regt
Samuel Hankey 1910 Cheshire Regt
Herbert Hanson 1909 KOYLI Wounded
Hanson 1905 Barnsley Territorials
John Harrison 1887 Sergeant Cheshire Regt
Lionel Harrop 1898 Northants Wounded
Ernest Hawkins 1907 West Riding Regt
W A Hayes 1903 Sergeant Cheshire Regt
W George Haylock 1904 KSLI
O E Heaps 1912 King’s Royal Rifles
Frederick Henderson 1912 Band 1st Manchester Regt
Arthur Henshall 1909 Royal Navy
Andrew Holt 1906 RGA
Herbert Howard 1911 Cheshire Regt
Albert Hughes 1907 Cheshire Regt Wounded, POW
John Huskinson 1911 Welsh Regt
A E H Hutchinson 1914 Band 5th Dragoon Guards
Thomas Hyde 1903 2nd KOYLI Wounded
Leslie Jarvis 1915 Band 1st Manchester Regt
A J Johnson 1904 York & Lancaster
Charles Jones 1911 RFA
J W J Jones 1908 Royal Navy
Thomas Kearns 1899 Cheshire Regt POW
J C King 1892 Cheshire Regt
J Lancaster 1904 Cheshire Regt Wounded
William Larsen 1903 Cheshire Regt
John Lawless 1913 Royal Navy
Albert Lawson 1908 2nd Welsh Regt
William Lester 1912 Manchester Regt
J T Lewis 1914 Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Humphrey Lloyd 1912 Sherwood Foresters
Harry Loveday 1909 Stoker Royal Navy
Arthur Lucas 1904 Cheshire Regt
Archie Macdonald 1903 Cheshire Regt
Percy Marsh 1907 RFA
Thomas Martin 1911 RFA
T D George Mather 1914 ASC
S Matthews 1899 Corporal Rifle Brigade
W John Maynard 1911 Royal Navy
Frederick Medlock 1908 L/Cpl 6th Inniskilling Dragoons
Ben Mellor 1900 Cheshire Regt POW
Robert Morton 1910 Royal Marines
Fred Moss 1898 Lancs Fusiliers
Ernest Moulson 1912 Cheshire Regt
T G Murphy 1891 Corporal “Bob’s Own” Manchester Regt
Harold Neary 1908 2nd Middlesex Regt Wounded
James Norman 1910 1st Kings Royal Rifles
A Oakes 1898 Cheshire Regt
Samuel Parker 1905 L/Cpl 1st York & Lancaster
Lionel Pickford 1897 2nd Manchester Regt KIA
Ernest Pilling 1904 Cheshire Regt
W J Pollard 1899 Loyal North Lancs Wounded
Edward Povey 1912 Royal Marines Brigade
William Ralph 1906 Royal Marines
Albert Ratcliffe 1910 Cheshire Regt Wounded
Norman Rigby 1908 6th Inniskilling Dragoons
Arthur Riley 1912 Cheshire Regt
Daniel Robinson 1902 2nd Lancs Fusiliers
J Robinson 1894 Corporal Cheshire Regt
William Rose 1901 ASC
Walter Rowland 1911 RFA
Ernest Savage 1897 Northants
A C Schuman 1914 Cheshire Regt
Joseph Scothern 1909 King’s Liverpool Regt
Thomas R Searle 1909 Royal Navy
John Shaw 1910 Welsh Regt
George Shepherd 1911 ASC
John Shipman 1900 Northants
T J Slater 1901 Cheshire Regt POW
Ivor W L Smith 1914 Band 5th Dragoon Guards
Percy Smith 1910 Cheshire Regt
Thomas William Smith 1914 Band Royal Scots Greys
Alfred Standish 1909 West Riding Regt
Aaron Stanley 1906 York & Lancaster Regt
William Starchfield 1907 Lancs Fusiliers
E Cecil Steele 1910 RFA
J T Stott 1908 KOYLI
Charles Sturgeon 1904 Sergeant PWO West Yorks
Joseph Summerfield 1905 Cheshire Regt
George W Taylor 1912 Royal Naval Brigade
Herbert Taylor 1910 Cheshire Regt Wounded
Percy Taylor 1908 6th Inniskilling Dragoons
William Taylor 1907 1st Manchester Regt
G T Thomas 1911 1st Welsh RFA
Ernest H Thompson 1912 Royal Marine LI
W T Thompson 1895
Arthur Till 1893 L/Cpl ASC
Eaton Tomlinson 1906 ASC
Bertie Toner 1914 Band PWO West Yorks
James Tute 1906 2nd Dragoon Guards
William Walker 1911 KOYLI
James Warhurst 1905 Grenadier Guards KIA
Fred Warren 1905 Duke of Lancs Yeomanry
Norman Warren 1904 L/Cpl Cheshire Regt
John Webster 1910 West Riding Regt
William Weemyss 1899 Kings Royal Rifles
E C Welbourne 1910 Welsh Regt
A Whistler 1902 Cheshire Regt POW
Fred Whittaker 1911 Worcester Regt
James Wilkinson 1907 Cheshire Regt
Henry William Williams 1913 Royal Navy
Thomas Woodbringe 1910 KSLI
George Woolhouse 1913 West Yorkshire Regt
Henry Wynne 1905 Cheshire Regt



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