Bygone news: 30 April 1915 – Two Hundred New Recruits

News from the Macclesfield Times of Friday 30th April 1915





Recruiting in Macclesfield for the Territorial Battalions of the Cheshire regiment continues at a fairly satisfactory pace. Since last we published a list of recruits about 220 more men have enlisted.

The Second Seventh Battalion, which has been stationed at Aberystwyth for some months, moved on Monday to Northampton where the First Battalion spent some time in training, and orders have been received in Macclesfield to recruit 350 more men to take their place at Aberystwyth. Afterwards a third line depot of between 500 and 600 men will be formed, and they will be trained in Macclesfield.

The names of recruits not previously published are:


Austin Abbott, 24 Lowe St
Charles Allen, 27 Crossall St
Thomas Abbott, 14 Lower Exchange St
Frank Albinson, 3 Lansdowne St
Geo. Armstrong, 75 Alexandra St, Crewe


Charles Ball, 8 Swan St, Congleton
Joseph Ball, 35 Higginbotham St
John Bradley, Mill Lane, Capesthorne
Thos Buxton, 40 Derby St
Joseph Bradbury, 1 Fountain St
Percy Bracegirdle, 48 Derby St
Herbert Bray, 9 Green St, Sandbach
John Bates, 6 Garrett St, Sandbach
Horace Baker, 1 Court 1 House, Ryle St
John Brookes, 6 Wellington St
Samuel Bailey, 37 Stone Row, Kidsgrove
Samuel Brooke, Clough Hall Gardens, Kidsgrove
Arthur Bennett, 17 Gunco Lane
Edward Byron, 1 Mission Entry, Kidsgrove
James Ball, 72 Canal St, Congleton
William Bradley, 35 Commercial Rd
Alfred Bailey, 7 Coalpit Lane
Wm Boon, 11 Church St West
George Bracegirdle, 17 Calamine St
Alfred Barnett, 30 Hardings Rd, Kidsgrove
Arthur Bevan, 31a Adelphi Buildings, Grimshaw Lane, Bollington
John Brooke, 2 Ledley St, Bollington
Wm Berry, 93 King Edward St
George Berks, 27 Chesterfield St, Crewe
Reginald Burgess, Smithy Farm, Congleton
Neville Bury, 15 Byrons Lane
Andrew Bickerstaffe, 73 Barton St
Ernest Beaumont, 15 Lowe St
Wm Barlow, 25 Arbourhay St
Arthur Barlow, Dane-in-Shaw, Congleton
Thos Bailey, 29 Walker St, Crewe
Thos Barker, 26 Ford St, Crewe
Peter Bayley, 17 Mill St, Congleton
Thos Beerpark, Crewe
Thos Barber, 88 Main Rd, Sydney, Crewe
Arthur Henry Bray, 124 Park Lane


Frank Carroll, 8 Stanley St
Thos Carroll, 23 Piccadilly St, Tunstall
Ernest Cooke, 156 Ruskin Rd, Crewe
Thos Cartwright, 29 Sunderland St
Walter Capper, Dog Lane, Brereton, Sandbach
Wm Carter, 40 Rothersay Rd, Normacott, Longton
John Wm Cooke, 32 Elizabeth St
John Cotton, Hall Green, nr Scholar Green, Crewe
James Challinor, 2 Canal Side, Black Rd
Harry Crompton, 1 Victoria St, Kidsgrove
Wm Cross, 18 Thomas St


Alfred Dawson, 67 Sackville St
John Duckworth, 9 Chapel St, Sandbach
James Duffer, Mount Pleasant, Mow Cop
Richard Davies, 9 Poole St
Joseph Davenport, Ivy Cottage, Somerford, Congleton
Wm Daniels, 12 Chapel St, Goldenhill, Staffs
Oliver Dentith, 15 Chesterfield St, Crewe
Samuel W Davenport, 77 Naylor St, Crewe
Harry Dawn, 23 Alexandria St, Crewe
Austin Davenport, 77 Naylor St, Crewe
Arthur Duffield, 81 Arbourhay St


Charles Farrar, 6 Charles St
Tom Frost, 206 Crompton Rd
Alfred Farr, 122 Hurdsfield Rd
Arthur J Farrington, 23 Alice St, Crewe
John Henry Frost, 28 Parson St, Congleton
James Farrar, 111 King Edward St
Wilfred Farr, 229 Hurdsfield Rd
Fred Farr, 7 Napier St, Kidsgrove


Joseph Edward Gaskell, 15 Barton St
Wm Gain, 29 Heapy St
J A Gibbons, 22 Pierce St
Wm Goodall, 34 West St, Congleton
Harry Goodall, 11 Prospect St, Congleton
Thos Galley, 64 Pear Tree Bank, Congleton
James Grant, 16 Shrigley St
John Golding, 1 Chapel St, Goldenhill, Staffs
Abraham Goodwin, 1 Court 2 House, Gunco Lane
Harry Goodwin, 26 Redway Lane, Kerridge
Albert Goodwin, 37 Duke St

Alfred Halton, 112 Vincent St
Herbert Henshall, Altrincham Rd, Styal
Wm Hodkinson, 13 Shrigley St
Eric Hulse, 98 Alton St, Crewe
Harold Hazledine, 29 Chapel St
Wm Hewitt, Four Lane Ends, Byley, Cheshire
John F Hulme, 6 Albion St
Charles E Hayley, 38 Charlotte St
Joseph W Hooley, 43 Lower House, Bollington
Josiah Hemmings, 345 Station Rd, Winsford
Arthur Holdcroft, 48 Princess St, Bollington
W Holland, 76 Bridge St
Arthur Hindley, 14 Wellington Rd, Bollington
Alfred Haslam, Heale Grange Farm
Wilfred Harrison, Cheshire View, Bollington
Frank Hughes, 4 Cromwell Grove, Crewe
Joseph Harding, Brindley Leer, Fidderley, near Nantwich
George Wm Howarth, 55 Lowe St
Eli Harrison, 8 Gosling St
Norman Howard, Endon Cottage, Kerridge
William Hornley, 29 Steeple St
Albert Hodkinson, 24 Jackson St, Crewe
Mark Hamblett, 23 Napier St, Kidsgrove
Samuel Hampson, 142 Crompton Rd
Thomas Hope, 4 Thomas St, Crewe
James Hayman, 44 Princess St, Bollington


Thomas Jepson, Brereton, Sandbach
Wm Jackson, 5 Thorneycroft St
Ross Jones, 72 Brown St
William Johnson, 41 Lark Hill, Stockport
Wm R Jones, 4 High St, Bollington
Charles Jackson, 30 Princess St, Bollington
William Joynson, 13 William St, Congleton
Wm Jones, Old White Hill, Kidsgrove
George Jackson, 8 Meredith St, Crewe
Frank Johnson, 7 Moody St, Crewe


Harold Keeble, 214 Crompton Rd
William Kniveton, 35 Waterside


John Latchford, 59 Arbourhay St
Edward Lomas, 1 Frederick St, Stockport
Alfred Leese, Old White Hill, Kidsgrove
John W Lovett, 8 Cotton St
Samson Leigh, Kerridge
Herbert Lang, 4 Peter St, Crewe
Fred Lomas, 52 Rood Hill, Congleton
Arthur Lloyd, 6 Shepherd St, Crewe
Frank Lord 3 Maple St, Rochdale


Arthur Machin, Dane-in-Shaw, Congleton
James Malam, 4 Woodruff Square, Kidsgrove
Harold Mayers, 25 Grimshaw lane, Bollington
John Mottershead, 41 Bollington Cross
George T Machin, 2 Beech St, Congleton
John Mulkem, 6 Edlington St, Sheffield
Albert Moore, 74 Waterloo St
David McFarlane, 31 Herbert St, Congleton
Philip Martin, 16 Henry St
Joseph Mason, 46 Brown St, Crewe


Edward Albert Noble, 63 Higginbotham St
Fred Nield, 93 Mill Lane
Fredk W Norton, 27 Broken Cross
Arthur Newton, 16 Cotton St
Fred Nield, 10 Chapel St
Maurice Noble, 21 Steeple St


Wm Oliver, 44 Cooper St
James O’Connor, 38 Paradise St
A H Osborne, 5 Lower Exchange St
Frank Oldfield, 16 Heapy St
Alfred Oakes, 18 Forster Row, Sandyford, Staffs
Arthur Oldham, 16 Mill Rd
James E Oldfield, 13 Wellington St
Bertie Oakes, 12 Chapel St, Kidsgrove
John Oldfield, 20 Paradise St
James Oldham, 16 Mill Rd


Leslie Ponting, 4 Cumberland St
Wm Ponting, 4 Cumberland St
Wm Pimblott, 1 Calamine St
George Pemberton, 55 Astbury St, Congleton
James D Poole, 2 Heapy St
Frank Poynton, 19 Arbourhay St
Joseph E Pomfret, 11 Great King St
Wm Pemberton, 156 Prospect St, Congleton
Joseph Potts, 20 Higher Lane, Kerridge
Wm A Potts, 102 Hurdsfield Rd


Charles Rowson, Manchester Rd, Wilmslow
Alfred Rathbone, 45 Fence St
Samuel Robinson, 41 The Heath, Sandbach
Samuel Reade, 51 Pitt St
Abraham Rowbotham, 3 Windmill St
Charles Rowbotham, 7 Millstone Passage
Thos Rogers, 11a Gresty Terrace
Edmund Rowe, 127 Richmond Rd, Crewe


Fred Sherratt, Malkins Bank, Sandbach
Frank R Sherratt, Malkins Bank, Sandbach
S J Sherratt, 103 School St, Stockport
Charles Shaw, 23 Bridge St
John Stubbs, 55 Swan St, Congleton
Abel Shaw, 60 Williamson St, Goldenhill, Staffs
Jos. Smallwood, 25 Green St, Sandbach
John J Shaw, 7 Union St
Thos Shaw, 6 King St, Stoke-on-Trent
Frank Street, Station Cottages, Holmes Chapel
Arthur Sherwin, 3 Ivy Cottages, Wheelock Heath, Sandbach
John Seddon, Coronation Terrace, Bollington
James Stubbs, 21 Lord St
William Henry Smith, 21 Chapel St, Kidsgrove
Marcus Sharpley, Stock View, Rainow
Harry Shatwell, Turret Cottage, Kerridge
Leonard Scragg, White Hill, near Kidsgrove
John Schofield, 4 Brook St
Harry Saxon, 67 Union St
Albert James Saint, 35 Walker St, Crewe
Walter Schofield, Lord St, Bollington
William Sleete, 5 Liverpool Terrace, Crewe


Norman Thornhill, 33 Sandbach Heath
Thos Tickle, Brereton Hall, Sandbach
Frank Tomkinson, 17 Great King St
Fredk George Tester, 7 Queen St
Wm Tomkinson, 69 Union St
Wm E Tristram, 70 Garden St
Alfred Turner, 69 Attwood St, Kidsgrove
Rowland Turner, 9 Peel St, Kidsgrove
Robert Turner, 65 Pickford St


Percy Wright, 290 Buxton Rd
Tom Whitby, 116 High St
Thomas Wood, 11 Ingersley Rd, Bollington
Ernest Whittingham, 9 East Elworth, Sandbach
Wm Whalley, 16 Blagg St
Walter Woodhouse, Gasworks, Wilmslow
Tom Walker, 14 Arnold St, Nantwich
Harold Whalley, 10 Eastgate
George Wright, 15 Chapel St, Kidsgrove
Geo Williams, Old White Hill, Kidsgrove
Fred Whyatt, 19 Chester Rd
James Walmesley, 35 Arbourhay St
John Walton, 1 Peel St, Crewe
Arthur Wayte, 22 Victoria St, Kidsgrove


Samuel Yeomans, 39 Grosvenor St, Crewe


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