Bygone news: 26 March 1915 – Additions to the Roll of Honour

News from the Macclesfield Times of Friday 26th March 1915

Additions to the Roll of Honour – the need for more men



Below we give a list of the men of Macclesfield recruiting area who have joined various branches of the King’s Forces since January 25th. It cannot be too strongly impressed upon the young men of the town and district that more and more men are urgently needed. The weekly average recruitment in Cheshire is about one-third below what is necessary for maintaining the present forces in the field, and it is to be hoped that those whoa re hesitating, perhaps wondering whether enlistment is now necessary, in view of what has already been done, will decide at once to help remove the reproach which at present lies on the County of not contributing an adequate number of recruits for the great new armies which Britain is raising.

There can be no resting on the oars yet. Macclesfield has responded nobly to the call to arms, but there are many eligible young men still in the town who are leaving the duty of defending their country to “the other chap”. In Macclesfield, as seems to be the case elsewhere, the proportion of married men passing through the recruiting office is very large. This is not good for the country, nor creditable to the single men. Wives and children have to be paid separation allowances, and casualties among married men with families have more serious results than in the case of those without family responsibilities…… Men in the outlying districts should note that on receipt of a postcard the Recruiting Officer will arrange for a motor-car to fetch them to the office in Great King Street.

There is an urgent demand for wheelwrights (age 19-45) in the Army Service Corps, the rate of pay for whom is 1s 8d per day (11s 8d per week), all found, with separation and dependents’ allowances under the usual Army conditions. The co-operation of veterinary surgeons and hunt secretaries would be welcomed in the matter of getting recruits for the Veterinary Corps.



The following are the names of recent recruits at Macclesfield:


Charles Arnold, 2 Court 2 House High St
George Thomas Allbutt, 4 School Lane, Kidsgrove
Edwin Arnold, 1 Oak Lane, Kerridge
John Allen, 36 Lord St, Bollington

William Bottomley, 43 Ford St, Colne, Lancs
Joseph Boothby, 97 Mill Lane
Samuel Booth, Kidsgrove
Ernest Bossons, Kidsgrove
Jabez Bolshaw, Royal Oak, Sutton
Frederick William Baker, 17 Snow Hill
William Baker, 267 Hurdsfield Rd
Samuel Brotherton, 80 Hurdsfield Rd
Ernest Blackshaw, 34 South St
Alfred Boothby, 53 Water St, Bollington
Henry Brown, Gin Clough, Rainow
William Bennett, 17 Lowe St
Harry Barton, 102 Windmill St
William Frederick Bickley, 19 York St
Harold Burgess, 151 High St
Charles Bailey, 16 Copper St
James Bramhall, 41 Byrons St
Sam W Bailey, 64 Black Lane
Thomas Bradbury, 3 Mill Lane

Moses Chapman, 19 Newcastle Rd, Talk-o’-th’-Hill
Richard Chadwick, 9 Jodrell St
Philip Carline, 38 Henshall Rd, Bollington
Lawrence Corbishley, 35 Brunswick Hill
William Cooper, 17 Chapel St, Kidsgrove
Edward Connolly, 29 Garden St

Henry Davies, 97 Union St, Sandbach
Frederick Davenport, 115 Park Lane
Arthur Davies, 233 Bond St
Granger Hargreaves Donnolly, 25 Union RD
Wm. Hy. Dale, 38 Lowe St

Peter Etchells, Church View Terrace, Lane Ends

Thomas Yates Goodfellow, 66 Byrons Lane
Henry Goodwin, 8 Fountain St
Thomas Gidman, 19 Napier St, Kidsgrove

Ralph Heapy, 17 Mill Rd
John Charles Holland, 8 Catherine St
Fred Houghton, 19 Bowdon St
William Hurst, 274 Buxton Rd
Joseph Hughes, 5 Gilbert St, Kidsgrove
Owen Hughes, 6 Church St, Kidsgrove
Alfred Victor Hough, 22 High St
Norman Hill, 66 Vincent St
George Haye, Fountain St
Albert Henry Hill, Hatton Brow Terrace
Samuel Hill, 7 Pitt St, Sutton

Joseph Jackson, 16 Eastgate
Arthur Johnson, Gawsworth
Charles Edwin Johnson, 57 Crompton Rd
Alfred Jones, 21 Napier St, Kidsgrove
David Austin Jones, GPO, Macclesfield

Patrick Keane, 224 Stanley St
Arthur Keeling, Toll Bar Cottage, Tytherington

Thomas Lucas, Elizabeth St
John Lennard, 25 Wall St

Arthur James Morton, Green St
Alfred Mellor, 11 Pearle St
Percy Morton, Ivy Cottage, Sutton Lane Ends
Michael Melia, 15 John St, Congleton
John Moffatt, 48 Stanley St
John Mitchell, Canterbury
Herbert Augustus Malins, 40 Hurdsfield Rd

William Newton, 3 Bank Place
Harry Naden, 63 Fence St

Arthur Samuel Osborne, 11 Shaw St
Michael O’Brien, 224 Stanley St

George Parry, 9 Mount Terrace, Black Rd
John Samuel Paul, 74 Bond St
Ben Proctor, 25 Astbury St, Congleton
James Pryor, 2 Woodruff Square, Kidsgrove
William Pape, Nag’s Head, Waters Green

Fred Ratcliffe, Cheadle
Martin Riley, 23 Thomas St
Nicholas Rafferty, Kidsgrove
James Arthur Rumsey, 1 Brown St
Abraham Rowbotham, 3 Windmill St

John Stevenson, 1 House 1 Court St George’s St
Peter and Albert Edward Sidebotham, Hatton Brow Terrace
Walter Ewart Scott, 8 Oak St
Lewis Smith, 7 House 1 Court, Heapy St
Joseph Henry Steele, 25 Union St
Harry Sutton, 1 House 1 Court, Higginbotham St

John Trueman, 2 House 1 Court, Arbourhay St
Arthur Taylor, 11 Union St, Hanley
James Turner, 21 Victoria St, Kidsgrove

Harold Woodward, 14 Preston St West
Thomas Ward, 16 Coare St
Arthur Westwood, 30 King Edward St
Henry Whittaker, Chester Rd
Joseph Whittaker, 24 Chestergate
Albert Wilson, 13 Spring St
George Wright, 15 Chapel St, Kidsgrove

Levi Yates, 14 Chapel St, Kidsgrove




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  1. There is a Alfred Victor Hough on this page, but I think it should be Arthur. The service records stated Arthur Victor Hough and the address is 22 High Street, Macclesfield