Bygone news: 19 February 1915 – Naval Roll of Honour

News from the Macclesfield Times of Friday 19th February 1915

Naval Roll of Honour – Macclesfield Men Serving on the Sea


Naval Roll of Honour – Macclesfield Men Serving on the Sea

We are able this week to publish the names of a number of Macclesfield men who are serving in various branches of the Royal Navy. It is a matter of common knowledge that Macclesfield has sent a highly creditable number of men into the Army, but it will a surprise to the public to learn that the town – far removed from naval centres – is so strongly represented in the sister service.

The list can no doubt still be increased and in order that it may be made as complete as possible we invite readers who know of others to supply us with the names, particulars of ratings, ship, &c.


Engineer Lieut-Commander Geoffrey L. Woodhouse, formerly of the Hong Kong Station, now on special duty.
Lieut A C Hague, HM Armoured Cruiser, Empress of Japan.
Petty Officer F Adamson, HMS Princess Royal
Percy Armitage, Whale Island, Portsmouth
Pte Charles Bayley, Royal Marine Guard, Gosport
Able Seaman W M Bennett, HMS Lion
Chief Petty Office F Billing, HMS Centurion
Thomas Herbert Dean, HMS Vivid
H V Dean, HMS Talbot
Able Seaman Frank Fenton, HMS Blazer
T J Fethers, Royal Naval Barracks, Chatham
Engine-Room Artificer Harold Frith, HMS Princess Royal
Pte A E Fulford, Royal Fleet Reserve, HMS Talbot
John Henry Garner, HMS Arrogant
Able Seaman Arthur C Gosling, HMS Ferret (1st Flotilla Destroyers)
Stoker Samuel Green, HMS Lion
Pte J H Hand, Royal Marine Light Infantry, HMS Arrogant
Stoker Petty Officer W Henshaw, HMS Leviathan
William Hyde, Royal Fleet Reserve, HMS Mars
Engine-Room Artificer John Kelcey, HMS Hibernia
Able Seaman Harold R Knight, HMS Zulu
Able Seaman Walter Leke, HMS Dreadnought
Able Seaman Albert Massey, HMS Cornwall
Corporal Clarence Millward, Royal marine Light Infantry, HM Armoured Cruiser Celyx
George H Morrison, HMS Electra
Ernest Penson, HMS Tartar
Stoker Harry Potter, HMS Ajax
Arthur Pownall, HMS Hardy (Fourth Flotilla Destroyer)
Normal Robinson, HMS Skirmisher
— Roach, Royal Naval Barracks, Shotley
Engine-Room Artificer Normal Sellers, HMS Akbar
John Stonehewer, Royal Fleet Reserve, Royal Naval Barracks, Portsmouth
Engine-Room Artificer E Swindells, HMS Achates
Harry Timms, HMS Lord Nelson
Stoker Thomas W Thompson, despatch boat attached to HMS Victory
Stoker James Upton, HMS Circe
Stoker Petty Officer Thomas Walsh, HMS Venerable
Able Seaman Wilfred Walmsley, HMS Irresistable
Able Seaman John J Whittaker, HMS Leviathan

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