Bygone news: 26th September 1914

News from the Macclesfield Courier and Herald of Saturday 26th September 1914.

War Woollens Wanted – Congleton’s War Relief Efforts – Grammar School Old Boys – Life as a New Recruit – ‘Bull-dog Tenacity’ – Cheshire Casualties and Newly Enlisted – Citizen’s Defence League – Dr. George Beach – Soldier arrested as a Spy – Special Guard – Sham Soldiers of Gawsworth.

“Mrs Ernest Gregg of Norcliffe Hall, Styal, will gratefully receive any socks, Mittens or Cardigan Jackets in Khaki, Grey or Natural Wool, for the use of the 7th Batt, Cheshire Regiment, (Territorial) recruited in this neighbourhood.”

“Every effort is being made in Congleton to provide for distress due to the war.  The local branch of the Prince of Wales Fund up to last weekend had received subscriptions amounting to £677 7s 11d. The Belgian refugees who arrived in the town on Saturday week have been accorded a hearty welcome by the inhabitants.  They have been guests at many private houses during the week and many of them are now accommodated in local homes.  The second party of refugees who have arrived in Congleton are from Malines.  They fully corroborate the atrocities attributed to the Germans.”


P1110787 Macc Grammar

From left to right:

F.A. Harrison,  Chartered Accountant
W.Sheldon,      M.Sc
S.Gaskell,        B.Sc
F.Fawkner        (no occupation given)
A. Simpson,     Articled Architect
R.Mellor,         Student

The above is a group of six out of nine members of the Macclesfield Grammar School Younger Old Boys’ Association who have recruited in the Manchester Battalion of the Public Schools and Universities Corps of Lord Kitchener’s Army. They all reside in Macclesfield.  Since they enlisted they have been drilling with the Manchester Battalion, but on Thursday morning they all left for Epsom.

Mr Oliver Trafford Heathcote, a resident of Bollington and also journalist with the Macclesfield Courier, writes how he presented himself at Chester as a new recruit and endured lack of food and sleep, a harsh introduction to life in the military:

“The next morning from an early hour rain drummed fiercely over the barrack ward and in it we stood for several hours – we and thousands more.  We were marched this way, marshalled that way, delayed here and inspected there.  However, after receiving a nasty wetting about 500 of us were marched into Chatham and billeted out.”

A letter from Macclesfield M.P, Colonel W.B Brocklehurst to the town’s Mayor.


A list of the wounded in the 1st Battalion Cheshire Regiment were notified on Wednesday:

(9178) Sergeant F. Tomkinson, scalp
(9242) Sergeant W. E Hogan, forearm
(9453) Private C. E Stagg, forearm
(8081) Private G. Atkinson, shrapnel, elbow
(8029) Private R Griffiths, severely
(9214) Sergeant D.J Parry, forearm.

A list of the names of those who have joined the 7th Battalion Cheshire Regiment (Territorials) in the past week:

H. Sheldon, 104 Waters Green
T. Dakin, 2 Arbourhay Street
H. Poynton, 1 James Street
T. Siddons, 40 Brown Street
T. Wellings, 30 Chestergate
G. St Leger, 8 Court, 4 House, King Edward Street
J. Ingley, Whiteley Green
J. W. Harrop, Whiteley Green
F. Dooley, 14 Fowler Street
F. Ridgway, 17 Blakelow Road
J. Cooke, 23 Knight Street
R. Arnold, 10 Smyth Street
J. Vigrass, 15 Francis Street
W. Poynton, 54 Pinfold Street
F. Walton, Chestergate
J. Walton, Chestergate
W. Pearson, 49 Beech Lane
F. D. Riddlesworth, 3 Albion Street
F. Poynton, 6 Alderley Street
W.  Osbaldeston, Parkside Asylum
J.  Broadhurst, 242 Crompton Road
E.  Pointon, 105 Bridge Street
L.  Newton, 6 Windmill Street
H. Justin, 22 Leigh Street
J.  Hindley, 15 George Street
W.  Stanesley, 3 Church Street
J. F. Cartwright, 29 Sunderland Street
T. A. Green, 92 Black Road
A. Green, 4 Riverside, Pool Street
C. Weston, 20 Water Street
H. Harvey, 32 Bollington Cross
W. Ashness, 13 Albion Street
E. Leonard, 3 House, 8 Court, Waterside
F.  Williams, 53 Lord Street
B. Nunn, 77 Coare Street
G. T. Walker, 257 Park Lane
W. T. Walker, 257 Park Lane
J. Wright, 21 Swan Street
J. Leonard, 2 Court, 1 House, Knight Street
M. Yoxall, 22 Lower House, Bollington
A. Burke, Anderson Street
A. Capper, 27 Windmill Street
J. Edge, 19 Francis Street
J. Booth, 28 Windmill Street
F. Wood, 25 King Edward Street
H. Pickford, 44 West Street
E. Ball, 19 Back Street, Rookery, Mow Cop
W. E. Bowers, 1 Bank Street
W. Warburton, 176 Station Road
W. Chester, Crook Lane
W. Ikin, 57 John Street
N. Slater, Vicar’s Cottage, Delamere Street
T. Rathbone, 319 Station Road
J. Warbuton, 23 Market Place
Alderley Edge
E. Bradbury, 12 Chorley Hall Lane
W. Simpson, Edge View
E. Fletcher, West Street
F. Barrow, London Road
A. E. Tyler, London Road
J. F. Barrow, London Road
J. Mosscrop, London Road
E. Smith, London Road
E. Leah, The Hough
S. Pretty, Ryles Lane
T. Buckley, Welsh Street
P. Jones, South West Road
G.W Barber, London Road
W. Stafford, The Homestead
A. B. Scott, Grove End, Handforth
G. Higginson

“Founded in order to provide a modified form of military training for men who, whilst unable for various reasons to join any branch of the regular forces, are anxious to make themselves so efficient that in any emergency they may be of service to either the military authorities or the civic power”

The League had as its Headquarters, the Barracks on Crompton Road, and also the use of the Drill Hall on Monday nights.  Rifle practice was held at the miniature Rifle range on Westminster Road.

Headmaster at Christ Church School and founder of Macclesfield Chess Club, writes an open letter to the Courier

“remember my lads, what England is fighting for:

To save its women and children from German outrage…and its innocent civilians from being shot on the slightest excuse…to prevent the sacrilegious ruin of its cathedrals, churches and chapels…to protect gallant little Belgium…whatever war was ever in the entire history of the world entered upon with such abundant justification?”

Sergeant E.B.C Dickinson, Reservist in the Army Service Corps, narrowly escapes being shot:


The following men left for Queen’s Ferry, Flints where they were engaged as special guard at the interment camp:

Lce-Corpl J. C Barlow, 20 Barrack Square, Macclesfield
Private W. Bradley, 20 Silk Street, Macclesfield
Private F. Booth, care of Mrs Mullings, Gawsworth
Private H. Bailey, 23 Cuckstoolpit Hill, Macclesfield
Private P. Brennan, 12 Crypt Court, Chester
Private E. Bebbington, 17 Spital Walk, Chester
Private J. Cameron 56 Crompton Road, Macclesfield
Private T. Cork, 30 Milton Street, Chester
Private W. Doran, 5 Court, 5 House, Chester Road, Macclesfield
Lce-Corpl S. Evans, 12 Mount Pleasant, Saltney, Chester
Private F. Edwards, 33 Back Brook Street, Chester
Private H. Greaves, 70 Shaw Street, Macclesfield
Private B. Green, 2 Riverside Cottage, Chester
Private J. Garvie, 49 Fosbrook Street, Chester
Private S. Gale, 43 New Crane Street, Chester
Private R. Hulme, 11 Shrigley Street, Macclesfield
Private T. Heywood, 86 Paradise Street, Macclesfield
Private J. Hogg, 5 Northgate Terrace, Chester
Private W. Huxley, 44 William Street, Newtown, Chester
Private D.W Hayes,15 Volunteer Street, Chester
Private T. Hall, Walton Court, William Street, Chester
Private A. Horton, Memphis Hotel, City Road, Chester
Private E. Jones, 4 Barber Street, Macclesfield
Sergt. G.C Jones,5 Castle Street, Chester
Corpl. W. H Jones, Littleton, Chester
Private S. Jones,6 Gough’s Place, Chester
Private J. Jelly, 8 Greenock Place, Brook Street, Chester
Corpl T. Large, 12 Oak Street, Saltney, Chester
Private M. Lyons, 70 Elizabeth Street, Macclesfield
Private H. Mills, 80 Trafford Street, Chester
Private A. Norbury, 1 Slack Street, Macclesfield
Lce-Corpl J. E Penny, 23 Hope Street West, Macclesfield
Private A. Pritchard, 23 Trinity Street, Chester
Private T. Perry, 4 Victor Street, Chester
Private P. Roberts, 10 Louise Street, Chester
Private T. Stephenson, 65 Elizabeth Street, Macclesfield
Private G. Sheldon, 19 Bond Street, Macclesfield
Private J. Sefton, 10 Vincent Street, Macclesfield
Private C. H Shaw 46 Queen Street, Chester
Private J. Stretton, 6 Hamilton Place, Chester
Private J. Sherridan, 18 Tower Street, Chester
Private J. T Steen, 15 Richmond Terrace, Chester
Private D. Thornley, 22 Crossall Street, Macclesfield
Private W. H Whittaker 79 King Edward Street, Macclesfield
Private T. Whiteman, 6 King’s Building, Chester
Private F. A Williams, 11 Cheshire View, Handbridge, Chester
Private J. J Wodcock, 90 Lower Bridge Street, Chester
Corpl J. Wood, 92 Newton Street, Macclesfield
Private H. Whittaker, 136 Davenport Street, Macclesfield

Local school children are attending school ‘under arms’


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