Bygone news: 5th September 1914 (part 2)

More news from the Macclesfield Courier and Herald of Saturday 5th September 1914.

Still They Come – Macclesfield Men for Foreign Service: Splendid Recruiting During the Week

A list of Macclesfield and District men who were recruited into the 7th Battalion Cheshire Regiment for foreign service during the first week of September 1914.


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When it was decided by the War Office to send the 7th Battalion Cheshire Regiment (Territorials) on foreign service a call was made for volunteers, and the response was immediate and gratifying. In order to complete the requisite number, the Macclesfield recruiting district, which includes Macclesfield, Congleton, Sandbach, Holmes Chapel, Nantwich, Crewe, Middlewich, Wilmslow, Alderley Edge and Bollington, was asked for 277, and in the course of four days over 200 had enrolled. It was found that many of them were time-expired Volunteer of Territorial NCOs, and these were of great assistance in drilling the men.

Altogether the standard of the new recruits is a very high one, both in the matter of physique and general intelligence, and they learn to drill very rapidly. From the first the movement was very popular, and all the recruits have come in without a meeting having to be held or any form of appeal issued. Those living in the locality are allowed to return home every night, whilst those coming in from outside places are billeted in the town, and each day they are being drilled and prepared to join their battalion.

The clothing and equipment for the men is on order, and may be expected any day. As soon as it arrives the men will be dispatched without delay to Northampton.

The fact that Macclesfield has contributed something like 2,000 men to the forces of the Crown is very creditable to the town. It is estimated that about 200 Army Reservists have rejoined the colours from the Macclesfield district which has also contributed about 800 to Lord Kitchener’s Army and upwards of 500 to the Territorials. Then there are some 50 Yeomanry and a dozen Naval Reservists to be taken into account. In addition to all these, there are, of course, the men who were already serving in the Army and Navy, so that Macclesfield can fairly claim to be playing its part in the great war.

The following is a list of the men who have recruited for foreign service.

NOTES: The Macclesfield names have been sorted into alphabetical order.
Those men whose lives have been researched on this website are highlighted in red and have a link to the relevant page.


Walter Arrowsmith, 68 Peel St
John W Ashness, 6 Canton St
Herbert W Ashton, 15 Ryle St
Jack Astle, 12 Hatton St
Walter Maurice Aylwood, 75 Hobson St

George Baguley, 49 Copper St
George Edwin Bamford, 12 Court, King Edward St
Leonard R Barber, 84 Broken Cross
George Barker, 223 Crompton Rd
James Edward Barker, 1 House 8 Court Cross St
Lewis Barlow, 25 Derby St
Wilfred Barton, No 1 Greens Court, Green St
Arthur Beard, 50 Water St
Frederick Beard, Derby St
James Beard, 3 Shaw St
John Belfield, 26 Daybrook St
Harry Binks, 94 Crompton Rd
George Henry Birchenough, Victoria Park
J Bracegirdle
George Bradshaw, 36 Garden St
Lewis Bradshaw, 51 Roe St
Thomas Bradley, 88 Hurdsfield Rd
John A V Brindley, 8 Canton St
J H Broadhurst, 3 Clough Cottage, Windmill St
J W Broderick, 26 King St
Wilfred Bowers, 4 Hope St, Buxton Rd
W Brereton, 3 Pool St
Walter Buckley, 2 Court 1 House Arbourhay St
Arthur Burgess, 4 Bradley St
Wilfred Burgess, 11 Jackson St
Percy Butterworth, 154 Crompton Rd
G Buxton, Oak Cottage, Sutton

John Campbell, 30 King Edward St
Arthur Carroll, 14 Stanley St
Leonard Clarke, 22 Cuckstoolpit Hill
Joseph Clayton, 3 Old Hall St
Frank Cockayne, 56 Whalley Heyes
Walter Cocker, 17 Boden St
James Collins, 31 Union St
Sydney Cook, 6 Crown St
Harold Coppock, 72 Beech Lane
Albert Corbishley, 9 York St
Fred Clowes, 25 Lord St
Frank Crowder, 19 Byrons Lane
John Chas Crowder, 8 Steeple St

Ernest Dale, Lower Blakelow Farm
Reginald Victor Dale, 58 Park Lane
Edward Dawson, 38 Thomas St
George Devine, 32 Fountain St

Arthur R Eaton, 1 West Bond St
William Eccleston, 74 Bridge St

Allen A Frederick, Tytherington Cottage

Gilbert Gallimore, 47 Jackson St
George Gannon, 11 Fountain St
Harry Gannon, 28 Paradise St
J Gee, 37 Newton St
Arthur Goldthorpe, 116 Chester Rd
H E Goodwin, 130 Bond St
Ernest Gosling, 6 Princess St
Charles Goulden, 1 Victoria Yard, Mill Yard
Harry Green, 92 Black Rd
Charles Greenwood, 77 Great King St

J Hancell, 30 Jackson St, Sutton
Frederick Harrison, 6 Pinfold St
Gilbert Harrison, 89 St George’s St
John Harrison, 81 Buxton Rd
Harry Hayes, Hollins Bank, Hollin Rd
Stanley Higginbotham, 93 Mill St
Frederick Hobson, 52 Fence St
Harold Hodgkinson, 21 Derby St
Walter Hodkinson, 9 Grange Rd
John Fred Holland, 46 Buckley St
J Hoole, 33 Mill Lane
Coates V Hooley, 70 Prestbury Rd
Robert Hooley, 54 Byron St
Henry Oswald Horden, 49 Prestbury Rd
John T Hough, 106 Brook St
William Houghton, 188 High St

Sydney Jackson, The Lodge, Hurdsfield Rd
Arthur Johnson, 4 Tunnicliffe St
Raymond Johnson, 106 Davenport St
William Johnson, 110 Park Lane
James Jones, 50 Roe St
Joseph H Jones, 35 Pitt St
A Justin

Albert Edward King, 19 High St

H Leigh, 108 Great King St

Arthur Madden, 10 Court, Bank St
Arthur Marshall, 27 Rodney St
Tom Mathers, 82 Pitt St
Chas McDermott, 18 Silk St
E McDonald, 15 Duke St
Ralph Mellor, 67 Paradise St
George Mellor, 67 Paradise St
Frank Meredith, 42 Buckley St
Leonard Millward, Elm Cottage
William Milton, 32 Arbourhay St
Harold Moore, 58 Arbourhay St
James Moore, 222 Peter St
William Moores, 79 Park Lane
Harold Moss, 94 Mill Lane

Clarence Naden, 63 Brown St
Cecil Newell, 100 Oxford Road
Joseph V Norbury, 37 Church Side

James Oldfield, Prospect Buildings, Newgate
Herbert Orme, 10 Poplar Rd

Harold Parr, 129 Park Lane
Sam Parr, 129 Park Lane
Fred Perfield, 59 Newton St
Walter Plant, 1 Court 3 House, Duke St
George F Piggott, 212 Bond St
Samuel Pimblott, 19 Mills Croft
Herbert Potts, 33 Grange Rd
Thomas Poynton, Blue Bell Lane, Tytherington

Brian Ernest Leeson Redcroft, Chester Rd
Joseph Riseley, 54 Garden St
A Rodgers, 264 Buxton Rd
John Fred Rowson, 22 Mills Croft
Charles Russell, 55 St George’s St

James Sadler, 179 Bond St
Thomas Wm Savage, 10 Catherine St
Henry Scanlon, 74 Brook St
Henry Shaw, 13 Water St
Joseph Shaw, 11 Catherine St
Walter Skinner, 138 Park Lane
John Smallwood, 45 Station St
E Stanway, 33 Waterloo St
Thomas Stanway, 33 Waterloo St
John Stevens, 51 Ryle St
Isaac Saunders, 9 Wellington St
Jonathan Sutton, 67 Pickford St
S Sutton, 8 Pierce St
James Swaine, 2 Pool St

John W Tatton, 1 Princess St
Fred Formiston Taylor, 211 Bond St
Harry Taylor, 17 Elizabeth St
Francis Thompson, 1 Flint St
E Turner, 73 Coare St
C B Twemlow, 81 Chestergate
Ernest Twigg, 23 Mill Lane

William Varley, 4 Waterside

Fred Walker, 126 Black Rd
Herbert Wagstaffe, 2 Church St West
W Warhurst, Blue Bell Lane, Tytherington
W Warren, 2 Slack St
Fred Warrington, 57 Bond St
Wilfred Weatherman, 3 Pitt St
Joseph F Wellings, 45 Great King St
Tom Whalley, 10 Eastgate
Arthur Whittaker, 13 Oxford Rd
Thos E Williams, 78 Garden St
Arthur Williamson, 109 Chestergate
George Williamson, 23 Silk St
Percy Wilson, 77 Paradise St
Albert Wood, 1 House 1 Court, Higginbotham St
Edwin Wood, 65 Brook St
Fred Wood, 15 Beard St
Albert Worth, 15 Gunco Lane


J Wright, Couriers Rd
T Riley, Britannia House
J N Wright, Clarence View
J Williamson, 336 Redway Lane
H Gould, Daisy Bank, Lord St


Henry B Carswell, Bollin Cross


Wm Thompson, Lower Bull Hill Farm


S Bann, Back Lane
C Barlow, 39 West St
A Frost, 15 Prospect St
J Bell, 20 John St


P Healey, 487 Crewe Rd, Wheelock
J Newton, 56 Union St
J Mason, 539 Crewe Rd, Wheelock
W Oates, Congleton Rd
R W Eachus, The Square
W Wakefield, 51 High St
E Sherwin, 14 New St, Elworth
F Moston, 14 The Avenue, Elworth
J Shaw, Fox Inn, Elworth
A Latham, 37 Bradwell St
A Beresford, 25 The Heath
W Walley, 3 Newfield St
J Gresty, Vicarage Lane, Elworth


G Essex, Lonsdale House


W Bevan, 7 Eddleston Rd
J Adams, 37 Martin St
F Adams, 19 Westaston Rd, Wollaston
W Preston, 118 Westaston Rd, Wollaston
A Parker, 24 Brook St
J H Latham, 38 Nantwich Rd
J S Middleton, Westaston


F Barlow, Hollins Farm, Rowarth


F V Smith, The Ferns, Nursey Lane


C T Ashe, Plumbley Moor
C H Ashe, Plumbley Moor


W W Baron, The Poplars, Hall Lane


J E Cawley, 38c Liverpool Rd


J W Worthington, Station Rd
A Goldstraw, Farmfold


D Richards, 120 Jersey Rd, Blaengwynfi


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