Bygone news: 22nd August 1914

Published in the Macclesfield Courier and Herald of Saturday 29th August 1914.


Names of the Macclesfield National Reserves who have volunteered and on 22nd August departed for Chester.

Courier TitleThough scarcely two years have elapsed since the formation of the National Reserves, the Macclesfield District, comprising Macclesfield, Bollington and Congleton, has gone on steadily increasing its roll, until at the present time there are upwards of 350 men on the strength, many of whom are old Navy men and ex-Regulars who have seen service, the remainder being past members of the Volunteers and Territorial forces. All, however, were men who were drilled and trained, and a large proportion of them were still potentially good for service. The absence of uniform and the fact that the only mark of distinction they possessed was an enamelled metal medallion to be worn in the coat lapel perhaps induced many people to regard the “boys of the old brigade” in anything but a serious light, but such people have now to realise that they made a great blunder.

On Tuesday last, the order came for all National Reserves under the age of 42 to volunteer for service with the colours, and the response was immediate and gratifying, for upwards of sixty at once came forward. From Sunday, the day the War Office Order was received, Major Claye was in communication with the local Recruiting Officers, Captain Hartley and Sergeant-Major Hamilton, getting the men to volunteer for service with Lord Kitchener’s 100,000 Army, getting them attested, passed by the medical officer, and sworn in, and on Saturday afternoon the first draft left Macclesfield to join the depot at Chester.

The terms and conditions of service for the National Reserves are:-
Men under forty-two years of age in Class I and II may enlist for one year, or the duration of the war, in reserve or extra reservebattalions. These who signed obligation cards before August 11th receive a gratuity of £10 on acceptance.
Men who belonged to Cavalry, Artillery, Engineers, Army Service Corps, Army Medical Corps, and Army Ordnance, may be appointed to reserve units and depots of their old corps. They will be eligible in due course for their service units.
For the protection of vulnerable points and the provision of local watchmen, men of Class II will be enlisted in an Infantry Home Defence unit of the Territorial Force.
They will join as privates, and promotion will be made after final approval. The proportion will be:-
One sergeant to 25 privates.
One corporal to fifteen privates.
One lance-corporal to fifteen privates.
Those attested for Class II before August 11th will receive a gratuity of £5. They will be clothed andarmed, receive pay and allowances, and be billeted when necessary.
The men affected are former warrant officers and sergeants not over fifty-five years of age, and all other ranks not over fifty years of age.
Men of Class III may also be enlisted for similar duty, but will not he armed nor will they receive a gratuity.
Where general officers are asked by local authorities and private individuals for protection, men of Class III may be utilised, but these will not receive payfrom the State, the localbodies and individualsconcerned being responsible.

There was a large assembly of the Macclesfield public in the vicinity of Bridge Street and Chestergate shortly after noon on Saturday when the Macclesfield National Reserves, who have volunteered for service in Class I, assembled at the Drill Hall, preparatory to departure for Chester. At 1.30 they left the Drill Hall headed by Major H. S. Claye (Commandant of the Macclesfield District), and Sergeant-Major Hamilton, the local recruiting non-commissioned officer. They were preceded by- the National Reserve Band, who, under Bandmaster Hankinson, played lively marches en route. The men appeared to be in high spirits, and they were sent off with rounds of cheers. It is an interesting fact that about thirty of the number who left on Saturday had served in the South African War. Before entraining, the men were addressed by Major Claye. The following is the complete list:—

Private Fredk. Warhurst, 6, Duke Street, Macclesfield.
Private David Pownall, 21 Windmill Street, Macclesfield.
Private J. W. Shatwell, Back Lane Farm, Higher Sutton.
Private Jos. Clarke, 18. Waters Green, Macclesfield.
Sergeant Donald McKenzie, 105. Pierce Street, Macclesfield.
Sapper John Warren, 30. Lowe Street, Macclesfield.
Corporal John Brown, 1, Back Turnock Street, Macclesfield.
Private Geo. Flint, 15, Water Street. Bollingon.
Corporal Samuel Cooper, 63, Newbridge Lane, Stockport.
Private J. G. Osborne, 52, Jodrell Street, Macclesfield.
Private Fredk. Dean, 12, Ingersley Road, Bollington.
Corporal John Mason, 5, Wellington Street, Macclesfield.
Private Wm. Mannion, 48 Pickford Street, Macclesfield.
Private Wm. Stacey, 19. Armitt Street, Macclesfield.
Sergeant R McCleaver, 1 Court, 14, Heapy Street, Macclesfield.
Private Jos. Potts. 14, Preston Street West, Macclesfield.
Private Harry Flood, 150, High Street, Macclesfield.
Private Thos. Hartley, 68, Daybrook Street. Macclesfield.
Private Fredk. Oliver, 12, Thomas Street, Macclesfield.
Bugler W Swaine, 17, Coare Street, Macclesfield.
Private W J. Roberts, 11, Union Street Macclesfield.
Private Jos. Shatwell, 29, Lowe Street, Macclesfield.
Private Samuel Arnold, 20, Lowe Street, Macclesfield.
Drummer Frank Pritchard, 229, Bond Street, Macclesfield.
Private Chas. Pownall, 62, Lowe Street, Macclesfield.
Private Alfred Hall, 15, Swettenham Street, Macclesfield.
Private Alfred Jackson, Mount Pleasant. Bollington.
Private Thos Nadin, Hawkins Lane. Rainow.
Private John Newsome, 52, Derby Street, Macclesfield.
Private Jas. Burke, 3, Wellington Street. Macclesfield.
Private Harry Haley, 12, Queen Street, Bolling ton.
Private Wm Morton, 9, Hope Street. Bollington.
Private Tom Brown, 11, Walker Street, Macclesfield.
Private Jas. White, 28, Coronation Street, Macclesfield.
Private Harry Goodwin, 2, Victoria Yard, Mill Lane, Macclesfield.
Lance-Corporal Thos. Burley, 6, Hayes Yard, King Edward Street, Macclesfield.


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