Bygone news: 4 May 1912 – The Macclesfield Courier

News from the Macclesfield Courier of 4th May 1912.

Final of Workshop’s Knock-out Competition: Hewetson’s Football Team



An immense amount of interest was centred in the match on the Moss Rose ground on Monday evening, when teams representing Mr A W Hewetson’s and Messrs Josiah Smale and Son’s employees met to contest the final game in the Workshop’s Knock-out Competition, inaugurated by the Macclesfield Wednesday Football Club. A huge number of people proceeded to the ground – many of them directly from their work – with the result that there was a very large and enthusiastic assembly when the teams lined up for the start.


The teams were as follows:

[James] Cleaver and J W Brocklehurst; [James Cleaver was the brother of Harry and John Cleaver]
Swindells, Findlow, and Costello;
H [Harry] Brocklehurst, [Albert] Worth, Wardle, F Brocklehurst, and Cundiff.

Poynton and Banner;
Moores, Clowes and Kellet;
Hattersley, Barnett, Bailey, Whittingham, and Unwin.

Mr J Mottershead had charge of the game, and the linesmen were Messrs A J Jackson and T Wood.

Hewetson’s won the toss, and Bailey kicked off towards the railway goal… during an attack by Hewetson’s, H. Brocklehurst was hurt, but soon recovered… Barnett sent in a good shot for Smale’s which the goalkeeper saved, and a minute later the same player shot straight across the front of the goal, but no-one was there to drive the opportunity home. The game was being played at a terrific pace, and some clever attack and defensive work was accomplished by both teams. Half-time arrived with the score-sheet blank.

On the game being resumed, Smale’s attacked, but the danger was checked, and during an incursion by Hewetson’s, Poynton made a bad blunder, but H Brocklehurst running up kicked the ball outside… a grand shot was sent in by Worth, but the goalkeeper cleared… Receiving the ball in mid-field, F Brocklehurst went away, and after cleverly evading several players, sent in a lightning oblique shot from about 25 yards range, which gave Bradbury absolutely no chance. Great scenes of enthusiasm followed this success, and another great cheer went up a little later when Worth, receiving the ball in the goal-mouth after a fine run down the wing by Cundiff, shot through a ruck of players into the net, thereby scoring Hewetson’s second goal… Smale’s fought on desperately to reduce the lead, and their efforts were rewarded a little later when, following a well-combined attack, Hattersley netted. From then onwards a gigantic struggle to equalise by Smale’s forwards was witnessed, and Hewetson’s goal underwent many narrow escapes. However the defence prevailed, and time arrived with the score unaltered.

The crowd then moved to the grandstand, where, amid enthusiastic scenes, the cup and medals were presented by Councillor J G Frost (President of the Macclesfield Wednesday Club)… Councillor Frost, before making the presentation… said he wished to congratulate the Hewetson team upon winning the cup… Hewetson’s team had created an unique record by winning the first cricket knock-out competition and the first football knock-out competition… He also said they had to thank Colonel Brocklehurst for giving them such a splendid cup.

Three cheers were then given for Hewetson’s, after which Findlow, as captain, received the cup amid great cheering, and the other members of the team their medals. The captain briefly responded, and after a call for three cheers for Smales had been heartily responded to, the runners-up received their medals… The handsome silver cup (a chased and fluted two-handled trophy, on ebony plinth) and medals for the winners and runners-up were supplied by Messrs Edwards and Brooks, jewellers, Mill Street. Both sets of medals are of silver, with gold centres.



Macclesfield Courier: 4th May 1912
With thanks to Janet, great niece of John Thomas Cleaver, for supplying the photograph and for her assistance in compiling this information.


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  1. Any details about the player in the Hewetsons team named FINDLOW would be gratefully received. Thank You

    • Hello Pauline, I wanted to confirm to you that unfortunately I have no other information re these players and there is nothing written on the reverse of the photo. I found the match report by matching the date on written on the football in this photo with the corresponding date in Macclesfield newspaper archives but it’s frustrating that they don’t give players first names. H. Brocklehurst had details of his playing for the Hewetsons team in his obituary which appeared recently on the Macclesfield Reflects website so we were able to match him as well as my Great Uncle James Cleaver to the team photo. My only other thought – a shot in the dark, is whether previous editions of the Macclesfield newspapers reported on previous matches in the knock out stages of this football competition – then as now, the football reports are on the back pages, and it may be, as Findlow was named as Captain, that he gets a mention. I think it is likely, given the team layout on the photo and the match report that Findlow played at Centre Half position. Sorry I can’t help further. Best wishes, Janet Chase